The government has made strong recommendations to stop using e-cigarettes in liquid form. This is because there are a number of cases of lung disease that may be caused by liquid e-cigarettes. This is a warning not to smoke until safety is confirmed.

Namjuhyeon the reporter said.


Liquid e-cigarettes generate a lot of water vapor and have a low smell.

[Liquid e-cigarette users: many people do not like the smell. That's why I think it's a boom.]

Carcinogens were known to be less popular than conventional cigarettes, but recently, the possibility of lung disease was raised, raising safety concerns.

The lung injury case involving aeksanghyeong Electronic Cigarettes 1,479 cases in the United States, the death toll reached 33 people came out in a recent national lung injury patients suspected one.

The government, which called for refrain from using liquid e-cigarettes last month, said it has stopped using it.

There is no basis for legal regulation as it has not yet been proven hazardous, but it is actually a warning about 'no use'.

[Neunghu night / Secretary of Health and Human Services: Complete analysis of the harmful ingredients until November and quickly push the human risk research, will provide a scientific basis for such recovery and sale of prohibited products;

Liquid e-cigarettes, in particular, have been cited as the main culprit for the expansion of youth smoking.

The government prohibits the addition of fragrance substances step by step and strengthens customs clearance of nicotine liquids such as overseas fastball.

[Park Yujin / Chairman of the Korean Society for Smoking cessation: Put a new taste and go home. It's actually aimed at teens, like incense. Our country doesn't manage it properly.]

E-cigarette company Jullabs Korea says it does not contain THC and vitamin E acetate, which are problematic in the United States.