Four days ago, four of the college students who broke into the US Embassy's walls and raided were arrested yesterday. This is the first time a university student has been arrested for illegal protests. The police seized a relevant civic office today.

This is reporter Kim Deok-hyun.


On 18th, college students from the Korean College Advancement Union broke through the US Embassy in Jung-gu, Seoul, and held a surprise protest against the US demand for increased defense contributions.

[(Condemn America forcing contribution increase). Denounce Denounce]

The police filed a warrant for nine out of 19 men arrested at the scene. The prosecution claimed only seven warrants based on the degree of involvement, and four of those were issued last night.

The court reviewed the warrant and said the reason for the allegation is that the crime is alleged and that there is a risk of evidence destruction and escape.

Four detainees are reported to have led the protest or have violated the law on rally demonstrations.

This is the first time a college student has been arrested for illegally demonstrating in the Moon Jae-in government.

The police also seized the civic groups' offices allegedly related to the Korea University Student Union this morning.

The police confirmed that some arrested members had confirmed their movements in the office on the day of the incident, and that they were trying to secure related materials such as PCs and documents to see if anyone had planned and directed the invasion of the embassy.

Police are also investigating arrests for cell phone seizure of cell phones and investigating whether there are any accomplices.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-sung, Video editing: Park Ji-in, Screen source: Korea University Student Association)