His name is Ryan , he is 7 years old and is a mine to make money. Its success is none other than trying toys on YouTube, a 'job' that has reported in just one year almost 20 million euros (22 million dollars), according to Forbes magazine.

He is the YouTube channel star Ryan ToysReview , a popular channel where he tests toys and in just one year has moved from number 8 to number one on the list of YouTube stars that generate more money.

Ryan ToysReview generated almost 20 million euros ($ 22 million) in pre-tax revenue from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018, according to Forbes , double what was achieved the previous year (11 million). Gross profit nearly 20 million euros ($ 22 million) placed Ryan ToysReview just ahead of the controversial star Jake Paul (who generated $ 21.5 million).

According to Forbes , Ryan ToysReview has 17 million followers and has obtained a total of 26,000 million visits.

The account was created when Ryan, then a fan of toy testing videos, at just 4 years old asked his parents why he couldn't try them on YouTube too.

His rise was little by little until in July 2015 he published a video that went viral in a matter of hours. In the video, Ryan was seen opening a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar's Cars movie. Since it was published, it already accumulates 935 million visits.

The channel now tends to try new toys or food products for children, and the videos generally present sincere and enthusiastic comments from Ryan with the guidance of his parents, who are the ones who ride the videos.

Earlier this year Ryan reached an agreement with Walmart to sell a line of toys called Ryan's World in more than 2,500 US stores and on the chain's website.

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