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The engineering and robotics company Geomiq , located in London, announced a few weeks ago in his blog a peculiar job: he will pay 100,000 pounds (about 116,000 euros) to whom he gives the rights to use his image to be the face of one of Your robots

"At Geomiq we help people develop and create products and prototypes in virtually any sector, including robotics," they explain in the announcement. "However, after a recent request arrived we realized that we needed help to complete it."

Thus, to achieve the "final details" that they were asked by a company in the sector (which they did not mention for a confidentiality agreement ) for their "last generation humanoid robot" (which they do not give much information under the same agreement) .

"The company is looking for a 'nice and friendly' face to be the (literal) face of the robot when production begins," they add. This will have the benefit, in his opinion, of making the face of whoever gets this job be reproduced "in potentially thousands of versions of robots worldwide."

This android will serve as a "virtual friend for the elderly" and the idea is to start manufacturing next year, although the project has been under development for five years. The company's capital is private and has been financed by several venture capital firms, as well as a Shanghai investment fund .

Those who want to participate should send their proposal to the email that appears in your ad. Do not impede, those who are discarded will not receive any notice.

The announcement has raised some doubts, since it is generally simpler - and less potentially problematic - to let an artist create a face from scratch instead of resorting to that of a person. To this we must add the recent commercialization of the image itself , because in many cases photographs are used - such as those sent by the candidates - to train artificial intelligences and facial recognition systems.

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