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Let's start with the news of Go Hyun-jun on Thursday. What is the first news today (17th)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Yes, molds and mushrooms grew in an apartment in Gyeongnam Pearl, less than a year after moving in, causing suspicions of under construction.

A resident of the apartment found mold and blackened walls in the lower part of the bedroom door in March, four months after she moved in.

What's even more absurd is that when I opened the door frame, there were about 5cm of mushrooms growing inside. In the door frame, mushrooms have grown eight times since March.
A's family, who usually sleeps together in the main room, is now living in every room because of mold and mushrooms that grow often.

We informed the construction company of this absurd fact and demanded repair, but the repair was delayed.

The construction company said there was no subcontracting work, but rather blamed the tenant's lifestyle.

However, this bathroom was not only Mr. A's house, but only 80 households have been confirmed.

The construction company said it is identifying the defective furniture and preparing measures to repair it.


I need a strong measure. (How ridiculous.) Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

The so-called 'break', which means joining a banking product to get a loan, is a typical case of banks.

Of course it is forbidden. Ripples are occurring after a bank customer claims that he has been "broken".
Yesterday, an online community posted an article titled, `` I was tapped by a banker trying to get a loan. ''

A writer who recently applied for a loan from a bank reportedly visited the bank when he passed the examination.

But when I went there, I told him to join the fund, he said, “I have no money. The employee said, 'I will contact you again after checking the income screening and documents.'

The writer was surprised at the reinspection and asked why he re-examined. The bank employee said, "If you don't join the fund, you will be re-examined and you may be rejected." The writer, who was worried that a loan might come out, eventually had to join a fund.

As this article spread through SNS, controversy escalated, the bank official said, 'I recommended products while proceeding with loans, but there was no coercion.'


Facial expressions can be coercive even when they are smiling. I'd like to change my stance on what the coercion is. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

It was the brand that was the target of the Japanese boycott. The chairman of apparel company UNIQLO said, “Japan is the worst.”

UNIQLO's founder and subsidiary, Fast Retailing Chairman Yanai Tadashi In an interview with a magazine recently, Japan claimed that Japan was no longer a developed country.
Almost no growth has occurred in the last three decades, leading to advanced countries from developed countries, and perhaps to developing countries.

Nevertheless, when I went to the bookstore, there was only a book called 'Japan is the best' and I felt bad.

I also gave a chance to Prime Minister Abe, who said he was all successful with Abenomics, but he said that the only thing that succeeded is the stock price.

Some criticized the Japanese people's feelings of antagonism as "evidence of Japan's inferiority in Japan."


I don't know if we're conscious of the market or not, but it's kind of annoying that the feelings of crushing are evidence of their inferiority.