Former Dongbu Group Chairman Kim Joon-ki, who is accused of sexually assaulting a secretary and assaulting a household assistant, will soon be investigated. Just before the suspicion of such a sexual offense, Mr. Kim, who left Korea in 2017 and stayed in the United States, came to Korea tomorrow morning (23th) and confirmed our coverage.

I'm Lee Hyun Jung.


Former Dongbu Group chairman Kim Jun-ki was sued in September 2017 for accusation of sexual harassment.

Kim left for the United States two months earlier to treat the disease and did not return when the investigation began.

In July of this year, a woman's son, who suffered another damage, filed a petition on the Blue House bulletin board.

For one year from February 2016, his mother, who worked as a domestic helper at Kim's villa, was asked to punish President Kim for being sexually assaulted and molested many times.

[A / Kim Former Chairman Kasai Helper: I was just pushing and screaming. Don't touch my body.]

When criticism rose, Kim said, “I agreed to have sex,” and said, “I will return home with permission from my doctor.”

Three months later, at 1:56 pm, Kim was confirmed to have boarded a flight to South Korea from New York.

Earlier, police invalidated Kim's passport, gave him an Interpol red wanted, and sent both cases to the prosecution in response to a suspension of prosecution.

Prosecutors say they will be arrested as soon as Kim returns home and the police will investigate.

(Image editing: Yumira)