Suicide prevention text written on the safety railings of Mapo Bridge in Seoul has been removed in seven years.

Seoul City erased all the phrases written on Mapo Bridge over the last two days.

Mappo Bridge's suicide prevention text was installed in 2012 with Seoul City and Samsung Life's 'Bridge of Life' campaign.

In 2013, we selected a stationery and carved it on a bridge through a public contest.

At that time, LED lights were installed on the railings so that they could be seen at night, but questions were raised about the anti-reflective effect.

'How are you swimming?' Back to back trouble was also removed.

But the rest of the phrase 'hahahahahahahaha' 'I like jjajangmyeon? Or champon? There are phrases that seem far from suicide prevention.

According to data submitted by the National Fire Service to the National Assembly, the Han River Bridge, which had many attempted and dead victims, was from Mapo Bridge from 2014 to August 2018.

During this period, 846 men were killed and 24 were killed at Mapo Bridge.