Michael van Gerwen is relieved and proud that he won the Champions League of Darts for the first time in his career on Sunday. The number one in the world stood on the brink of abyss against Peter Wright, but won 11-10.

Wright was given three arrows to lead the game in Leicester, 10-8, but the 49-year-old Schot was unable to throw out double twelve to Van Gerwen's delight. De Brabander then won three legs in a row and secured the win.

"When Peter got three darts for double twelve, I thought it was over," Van Gerwen confessed after his victory in conversation with the BBC . "After two missed arrows, he looked very nervous and then I knew it was my moment to get in. Things like that happen at the darts."

"In any case, I am very happy that I won this, because this tournament was really on my bucket list. Peter is a phenomenal player and I am sure we will face each other very often in the final."

Van Gerwen appreciates honesty Wright

According to the BBC interviewer, a disappointed Wright said after his painful defeat that Van Gerwen did not deserve the win. She did emphasize that 'Snakebite' was probably joking, but Van Gerwen saw it differently.

"I'm sure it wasn't a joke. But it doesn't matter, because it shows that Peter is a winner and I appreciate that. Only one can win and I am the number one in the world for good reason ", the Dutchman decided.

Van Gerwen won the 43rd major title in total with his Champions League of Darts and his fifth major tournament victory in 2019. Earlier this year, the Brabant player already won the World Cup, The Masters, the Premier League and the World Grand Prix.