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Small villages to escape for a weekend to enjoy its cuisine and autumn

Five unknown villages almost entirely are the protagonists of this autumn's getaways. Destinations near Madrid to walk, disconnect, breathe clean air, cultivate in the midst of nature and, above all, eat well. Long live the fall!

Casa Elena, in Cabañas de la Sagra

Between Madrid and Toledo, located in the region of La Sagra, there is a small town whose origins date back to Roman times. It is Cabañas de la Sagra , a perfect Toledo town to move there for a rural day because, it is so close that, arriving from Madrid only takes 40 minutes by car.

And it is in the middle of the town where a restaurant that is worth visiting is located. It is called Casa Elena and is located in a village house in which many of the details of yesteryear remain intact, beginning with respecting its traditional architecture. The floor, the old laundry rooms, the windows or the stables, where the dining room is now.

The philosophy of Casa Elena (c / Nueva, 15; www.restaurantecasaelena.com) focuses on protecting regional gastronomic traditions around the table and maintaining harmony with nature, hence defending the principles of Slow Food and use of zero kilometer products, that is, ecological and proximity products. Its culinary proposal focuses on traditional renovated cuisine that can be tested in its letter or tasting menu format. A perfect proposal to taste the autumn flavors of Castilla-La Mancha.


Sopitas restaurant, in Arnedo

Located in the middle valley of the Cidacos and bathed by the river that gives its location its name, is Arnedo. This Riojan town, one of the most important in its Autonomous Community for its industrial activity, is a great tourist unknown. One more reason to get there and discover the testimonies that remain: the Hundred Pillars Caves, with rock architecture; the castle, belonging to the Middle Ages; the gothic architecture of the church of Santo Tomás; and, the civil architecture of palaces and manor houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. Not to mention nature and the places in which the town is located.

The Sopitas restaurant (Carrera, 4. Arnedo, La Rioja; http://victoriarestauracion.es/restaurante is located under the Caves of the Hundred Pillars built in the rock and in front of one of the most important sites of griffon vultures in Europe. -soups /). A gastronomic space nestled in a natural cave in which a reservation has been made in every corner of the cave. Its cuisine focuses on the Riojan cuisine of the product in which vegetables and local meats stand out. Current cuisine to taste in the ends of the earth.

The cherry trees.

Los Cerezos, by Yanguas

In the region of Highlands of Soria, whose landscapes wandered millions of years ago dinosaurs - of which today you can still see their imprints printed on the Route of the Icnitas-, is Yanguas. This town, belonging to the province of Soria, is on the list of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain and in its entirety has been declared a Historic Site.

It is located at the beginning of the Cidacos River Gorge, which makes it a town full of nature and with an amazing landscape throughout the year. A perfect getaway, just two and a half hours from the capital, to enjoy gastronomy, history and nature as a whole. And, among its pre-Roman roads, arcades and traditional homes, you can visit the castle and its wall, as well as the parish of San Lorenzo and the church of Santa María.

Among all this culture, there is a rural hotel with one of the best known restaurants in the Los Cerezos de Yanguas area (Carr. Diustes, 6. Yanguas; Soria.

http://www.loscerezosdeyanguas.com). There they offer traditional cuisine based on the season and perfect to try the different types of mushrooms that are found in the area in the autumn season.

Parador of Almagro.

Parador of Almagro

Tradition has it that the origin of Almagro comes from an Arab castle called Almagrib. The name refers to the red clay characteristic of the area, with which numerous buildings of the town have been built. Almagro is especially known for the International Classical Theater Festival held every summer in its Corral de Comedias, one of the most beautiful in Spain, built in the 17th century and declared a National Monument in 1955.

And it is there, in this municipality dedicated to the theater where one of the most beautiful Paradores in Spain is located , as well as being one of the places where Almagro is best eaten (Ronda de San Francisco, 31. Almagro, Ciudad. Real ; http://www.parador.es/es/paradores/parador-de-almagro). The building in which it is located is not wasted either, it is an old convent of the 16th century that maintains its entire structure. His letter focuses on the local product of the area, seasonal and proximity, in addition to making special menus for designated dates.

Tondón Palace.

Tondón Palace, in Briñas

In La Rioja Alta there is a small town that few have heard of. It is called Briñas and has no more than 200 inhabitants. It is a very small town, dependent on Haro, whose economy focuses on the cultivation of vines. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful villages when visiting the wineries route in this area. Although small, you can visit some examples of architecture such as the Church of the Assumption of the seventeenth century and old wineries, a treasure for those wine lovers.

It is striking that in a town of more than 2 square kilometers in length there are several restaurants and hotels that already have a place in the gastronomic landscape. Among them Palacio Tondón (Campo, 2. Briñas, La Rioja. Http://palaciotondon.com/), a hotel where the concept of the union between history and innovation is reflected both in the building and its rooms and in the cuisine they offer.

The restaurant's gastronomic line focuses on the current cuisine, of contrasts and designed so that the one who enjoys it meets the products of the area. A philosophy with which it tries to make the client know the region through its dishes, through its flavors.

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