Islamic State (IS) uses the social medium TikTok to distribute propaganda videos, reports The Wall Street Journal Monday. The videos in question have since been removed by ByteDance, the company behind the popular video app.

According to the American business newspaper, this included videos showing IS fighters with weapons and women who call themselves 'jihadist and proud'. In many cases the videos would be provided with IS propaganda music.

Islamic State uses social media more often to get its messages. The terror group gained fame in 2014 in particular by distributing decapitation videos and the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

According to the rules of TikTok, it is forbidden to use the video platform to promote or support terrorism. Like other tech companies, ByteDance uses moderators to have the images removed from its platform.

Although the caliphate declared by IS has largely been dampened, dozens of terrorist cells are likely to remain in Iraq and Syria. In September IS published an audio message that would come from leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, calling for morality to be upheld.

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