• Signal, the app that kept Puigdemont's secrets

Following the publication of the procés sentence on Monday, October 14, an anonymous organization known as Tsunami Democràtic was responsible for coordinating street protests through its Twitter, Instagram accounts and its Telegram channel. Social networks through which, late yesterday, announced the creation of their app, Tsunami, to coordinate street protests and actions . An application that can only be accessed by invitation to avoid the presence of infiltrated agents and that allows to warn that "there are piolines" (police) in the areas where a certain action is being developed, to know the actions that are being carrying out in our area, sign up for a specific action and, even, it serves the independence movement to equip itself - with cars, tractors and trucks - with the logistics necessary to carry out the protests successfully.

It is an atypical application. It is not present in the Apple Store or in the Android Market . To download it, it is necessary to go to the GitHub repository: the main community of programmers in the world in which they offer two different versions to download. Its own creators define it as "a platform for the coordination of peaceful actions of civil disobedience . "

On the Tsunami Democràtic website they affirm that the app is "a space in which to share your availability of time and resources". They also ensure that it is a "reliable" app that " can only be used if someone in your circle of trust has provided you with a QR code ."

Likewise, they also emphasize that it is a "safe" app that "does not register you and in which you do not have to reveal any data". "It is anonymous and private access ," they emphasize.

However, as PIXEL has been able to verify, the application asks you to know data such as your location, access to your camera, storage on your mobile phone and microphone .

This is the app

The first thing that we find when starting the application is a start screen in which a message appears: "To activate the Tsunami, connect to the network" next to a button that says " activate the tsunami ".

Once we click on the button, we quickly go through a screen that explains that "the service is being activated". Then the app proceeds to "configure encryption" .

Once the encryption is configured, it is time to authenticate the user using a QR code. To do this, the application offers three options: read the QR code of someone who does, explains how to get a QR code - "sure someone in your circle has downloaded the application and will be part of the tsunami" and a third option in which it links to the Telegram channel from which the protests are coordinated and the communiqués are sent.

In essence, the app is a kind of window that, through encryption and the authentication process using the QR code, allows members more committed to protests to participate in its coordination and logistics. In addition, although it is a virtual environment, the code verification system serves to maintain control of who is part of the platform thus preventing, in principle, the access of state security forces and bodies .

Thus coordinate the actions

As PIXEL has been able to verify by accessing the code, the application of the Democratic Tsunami allows you to select the time slots, months and days in which a user has availability to attend the actions.

It also allows you to select if we have a vehicle with which to participate in them - the app code makes specific reference to motorcycles, vans, bicycles, tractors, scooters, cars and trucks - and allows "to notify the coordinator" if it has occurred " some relevant index. "

The app also asks to select "available and additional resources" available to participants and urges them to "notify them when they leave the action".

The application also informs users of the actions that are taking place in their area and those that are planned. Likewise, as with the protests in Hong Kong, the app has a mechanism that allows the organization and other protesters to be notified of the police presence under the code "there are piolines". An option on which, in addition, the app asks for a confirmation "Do you confirm that the piolines (police officers) have arrived at the place of the action?"

Who's behind?

As with the Tsunami Democràtic movement itself, it is unknown who is behind the initiative.

The website from which the download links are announced www.tsunamidemocratic.cat, is registered by the provider 1337 Services, located in the tax haven of Saint Kitts and Nevis , a former British colony located in the Caribbean.

The application, which has two versions for Android: one for old and mid-low-end phones and one for high-end phones, is uploaded to the GitHub repository by a user called "s3rrallonga".

"S3rrallonga" refers to Joan Sala i Ferrer , nicknamed Serrallonga, a bandit from La Sala de Viladrau who was dedicated to assaulting the carriages that were in charge of collecting taxes.

For a time he was able to flee to France thanks to the help of one of his countrymen who were dissatisfied with the tax policies of the crown.

On his return to Catalonia he was arrested by the troops of Duke De Cardona , imprisoned, tortured and finally executed in Barcelona during the first days of January 1634.

No iPhone version

The absence of an iPhone version has aroused the complaints of many users sympathetic to independence in social networks, especially in tweets, where many have decided to express their dissatisfaction at not being able to enjoy its application on mobile phones .

An application whose birth, late yesterday afternoon, caused the download page to collapse and users began uploading the apk file (the installer) to other platforms such as Mega or WeTransfer, which lack transparency and traceability from GitHub which, although not an official application market, offers transparency that other alternative platforms lack .

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