Microsoft has begun testing new filters to combat users' malicious language on the Xbox Live online service, the company reported Monday on its Xbox website.

The new feature should ensure that offensive texts are filtered out of chats on Xbox Live. It is initially text messages, but later the filters must also work in voice messages.

Initially, four different types of filters will be available on Xbox Live. "Friendly" stops all bad news, while "unfiltered" doesn't stop anything. The degree of filtering can be selected via the settings.

With filtered messages, only a message that warns you of a potentially offensive text is shown. Children's accounts are set to 'friendly' as standard. Parents can determine if they want to see the message by clicking on it.

The feature is available on Xbox One, Xbox Game Bar and Xbox apps for Windows 10, iOS and Android. The filters are first available for Xbox Insiders, in the fall they will be rolled out for everyone.