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Maybe it happened to you yesterday. You are with your children or with your nephews and you can not entertain much because the creatures have been left to play or watch the new Fortnite event . If so, surely you have also dealt with his disappointment.

'Oh pain, you see fields of loneliness now, musty hill.' It turns out that the event is a small fraud and that, far from playing and being able to see how a giant robot cuts its back on an equally giant lizard. Instead, the game map where Fortnite fighting takes place was literally absorbed by a black hole .

And since then, nobody can play Fortnite. What exactly happened? It's hard to know, but the game can't be played. It is not online, nobody can access. And this is the only thing that can be seen from the game through its social networks.

If you have followed the adventures and misadventures of this video game a little, you will know that this is part of the impressive digital marketing machinery of Epic Games , the video game studio owned by Tencent (the largest Chinese video game company in the world).

It is not the first time that the mess before the content of your video game changes, because Fortnite every few months launches a new 'season' , as if it were a television series, and many elements change, from the map where you play to the way the weapons work (if your child says they have 'nerfeado' the shotgun is that now does not do so much damage).

And, of course, they also add new 'skins' and dances and paragliders and other accessories that are what keep people hooked, whether children or not as children. They are very cool and original and can only be obtained in that season. Once finished, pouf, most are no longer available. This is how Epic Games earns money: in short, you get some things only if you pay the 'pass of the season' or play a lot or, in some cases, buy paVos (the Fortnite digital currency) to spend on such accessories.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that yesterday everyone around Fortnite imploded, literally and figuratively. Those who were connected to the game could see how his character, conveniently disguised as John Wick, was absorbed by the black hole.

Here is one of the keys to these events: players can see it in the game. They are not a trailer, they are not a message on social networks, they are part of the game. Whether with Marshmello live concert, the impact of a meteorite or the conversion of a giant cube into a singularity, is an experience that is lived online and with connected friends .

Those who did not see it live, may now be connected to YouTube or Twitch, a platform owned by Amazon and that is their competition in terms of seeing people playing video games. At the time of writing this news, only 60,000 players were contemplating the hypnotic black hole darkness, but on Sunday afternoon, it reached 1.6 million people. All those people contemplating nothing.

Far from staying here, Epic Games has promoted all this as 'the end of Fortnite'. Do not be scared, that although right now you can not play, and according to some this will continue until Thursday , the American studio earns so much money with this free game (on paper) that sooner or later it will be available again with the new content.

What comes back on Thursday is hard to believe precisely because of that: Epic Games is losing money with this promotional strategy , but it may be profitable at the end if its players come back with more enthusiasm.

But in the meantime, the Internet is filling up with memes and reactions, which of course Epic Games would have anticipated and that they will consider part of their tactic to promote the new content. The favorite youtuber of your children is sure that he has been or is live giving his opinion about what happened. The most influential tweeters are making dirty jokes about what that 'black hole' really is . And, retuits and favs and I like it through, all this reaches millions of people.

What is behind all this is complicated to know. Although there are always leaks and rumors about what will happen to Fortnite in each season, in this case nobody is clear. Most likely, there is a fundamental change, hence all the paraphernalia. Maybe a new map?

There are few fans who predict that a map change would be disappointing, but it is something that was already needed and that Epic Games has been doing, to a greater or lesser extent, for two years, so it is most likely that happen. The map with which Fortnite's 'Battle Royale' mode was launched in 2017, because at that time it was a video game more similar to Minecraft than it is now, it has nothing to do with what was available in Season 10.

Other rumors point to something called "Fortnite Chapter 2" , which is not clear if it will be another game mode or a reboot of the game, as we know it.

Despite taking two years at the top of the world of video games, both for its popularity and its income, Fortnite needs to reinvent itself to continue attracting new audiences and keep what it already has, like any other popular product. At the moment, it is still the main game of millions of people and the most popular youtubers , key in the videogame promotion muscle.

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