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The Australian actress gives life in 'Wedding Night', a black action comedy with gore touches, to a heroine by surprise

With a filmmaker father and an uncle actor (Hugo Weaving, the "bad guy" who was chasing Keanu Reeves in his Matrix saga with his black glasses), it was clear that, to Samara Weaving (Adelaide, Australia, 1992), the worm of the Cinema is far away. Now, this actress barely known in Spain, who has starred in the series The Mystery of Hanging Rock and SMILF and appeared with a small role in Three Ads in the suburbs , becomes a heroine by surprise on Wedding Night .

The film, a very black action comedy with a gore touch , can catapult him to fame. «I am aware that it will draw attention to fans of fantastic cinema. More than one will be shocked when he sees her, ”says the actress when asked about the film. «I think it's a groundbreaking proposal and full of surprises» .

'Wedding night' trailer

In the film, Samara Weaving gives life to Grace, a girl who, after being married, is forced to play hide and seek with the members of her new and millionaire family. The bad thing is that, far from being an innocent game, they consider it a tribute to an entity that protects them.

"In this film you see many deaths. Although Grace is responsible for more than one, I do not think she enjoys, but only protects herself from those who persecute her," says Weaving. «I don't want to reveal much of the plot, but I will say that there are scenes that are going to be remembered. One of them, in which a stable appears, a nail ... and my hand ».

The filming of the film, which has been directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett ( V / H / S , The Heir of the Devil ), has been an experience for this performer. «Every day I was happy on the set with what we had done. Although it has been very intense and full of blood, I had a great time. Working like this, betting on such a powerful female character, is always good news. If you look closely, it is the opposite of a romantic comedy that you can find. But it's just as fun, because everything revolves around a very appreciable love story.

The tape shows a "hunt for the bride" in which there is no room for forgiveness.

With a character that does not stop running throughout the footage to hide from his captors, physical preparation was a fundamental factor when facing this role. The Australian speaks about it: «I arrived at the filming of Wedding Night after having done Guns Akimbo with Daniel Radcliffe. It was so demanding on a physical level that it helped me to come with the homework done. I was ready to rehearse all the scenes in this movie, in which everything seems very realistic. What you see here is a crazy struggle for survival.

Finally, Samara Weaving has no qualms about answering a question that many viewers will ask themselves the first time they see it on the big screen: How many times have they confused it with Margot Robbie? Laughing, Weaving replies: “Confusing us is something that has happened to me many times. She and I know each other and have met several times. I also tell you that, although we are both Australian with blue eyes, if you see us together we do not look so similar ».

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