After another recall of diesel vehicles of the car manufacturer Daimler for inadmissible exhaust technology, Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer has accused the group of trickery. This is reported by Bild am Sonntag (BamS) . According to the new Daimler CEO Ola Källenius Scheuer months ago actually assured that he would clarify the scandal about inadmissible exhaust gas technologies.

"Unfortunately, the opposite is the case, I feel the current recall of 260,000 Sprinter Mercedes diesel vehicles as nebulization action, if, according to Daimler, even a mean six-digit number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe are affected," said Scheuer the BamS .

According to the information, this concerns Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, which are on the road with the somewhat older Euro 5 diesel engine called the OM651. Daimler wants to appeal against this recall notice. The Group believes that its exhaust technology is legally in order.

No comment from Daimler

According to BamS for Scheuer such a statement after two past official recalls since autumn 2018 with already 835,000 vehicles "no cooperation, but salami tactics". The car manufacturer admitted to manipulation, but leave it to the authorities to seek the mistake. Scheuer therefore demanded an end to the trickery. Daimler did not want to comment on the allegations.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) had already ordered the car manufacturer in 2018 to recall a good 680,000 diesel vehicles, in June this year, there were another 60,000 off-road vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz GLK type. Daimler has also objected to these decisions. But you also cooperate with the authorities in this case. Daimler will therefore implement the recalls and inform affected customers, but remains with his point of view.

Cooperation will only "hot air"?

The corporation would have to supply the KBA with data and figures on its own, otherwise their cooperation announcement would only be "hot air", said Scheuer. He also called for the authority to inspect the fines and fines imposed on Daimler, which were issued by the state government of Baden-Württemberg. Scheuer challenges the state government's approach: "Why have these notifications been issued by the state even though further manipulated vehicles were discovered in the current investigation?"

In September, the Stuttgart public prosecutor had imposed a fine of 870 million euros against Daimler. The reason was a negligent breach of supervision in a vehicle certification department. This led, according to the prosecutor, that the diesel vehicles were granted permits, although the emission of nitrogen oxides in the cars partially complied with the rules.