Apple has released a test version for iOS 13.2. The update makes it possible to delete voice commands via Siri, writes MacRumors .

Users can also erase the history of dictated messages. In addition, users can indicate that their voice commands can no longer be listened to by Apple employees through Siri to improve the voice assistant.

Apple promised the changes, after the company was discredited a few months ago. Then it turned out that Apple used employees from another company to listen to Siri recordings, without that being explicitly made clear to users. This also happened with Dutch-language recordings, research from revealed.

In August, Apple temporarily stopped listening to Siri clips. These are voice recordings that are made after the user has said "Hé Siri". However, sometimes unintended recordings were also heard in which sensitive information was shared.

Apple said a small portion of the Siri requests were analyzed to improve the assistant. Other companies also processed information from voice assistants in this way, including Google and Amazon.

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