Apps are not only fun for people. On Animal Day, we have listed four apps that pamper pets extra.

Cat Alone 2

Is your cat bored with the toys that you have purchased? Then you can start Cat Alone 2. This app contains various games that are all designed to attract the attention of a cat. For example, a digital spring moves across the screen or a mouse suddenly runs past. That works well on your smartphone, but even better on the large screen of a tablet. A screen protector is recommended, since a nail can go over the screen.

Download Cat Alone 2 for iOS (1.09 euros) or Android (free)

Tractive Dog Walk

Walking the same round with your dog every day may be boring for you, but also for your pet. Treat him to a brand new route that you can capture for yourself with Tractive Dog Walk. In this app you can see on a map exactly how long, how far and where you have walked. If it is dog weather, you can quickly see which short route you can walk.

These are stored per pet in the app, so that after a while you have compiled a handy overview of different routes. You can share this with friends, along with the Snapshot function to take a photo at specific places while walking.

Download Tractive Dog Walk for iOS or Android (free)


Teaching your dog tricks takes time, but with the Dogo app it becomes a lot clearer. In the app you first create a profile, after which you can choose different tricks to learn. That simply starts with learning to listen to a puppy's name and building up to sit on command and give a paw.

Each exercise is explained in different steps, so you know exactly what to do and when. The app even has a built-in clicker and indicates when your dog has earned a treat. Once you have completed a training, you can take an exam in which you use the camera of your smartphone, for example, to see if your dog can sit still for half a minute. Also handy: the app is completely Dutch.

Download Dogo for iOS or Android (free)

Google Photos and Apple Photos

The standard Photos app of your iPhone and Google Photos have a very useful function for Animal Day: a special search function where you can search your entire camera roll for photos of your pet. Simply enter 'cat', 'dog' or another animal name at the search bar and you will automatically get an overview of all snapshots that match this search term.

The apps use machine learning to recognize objects and animals, so you don't have to browse through your thousands of photos to share that one fun photo of your cat on social media.

Download Google Photos for iOS or Android (free)