• Campaign 10-N.Vox rivals the PSOE and responds to its campaign motto with the slogan "Spain always"

"'It is the neighbor who chooses the mayor and it is the mayor who wants the neighbors to be the mayor.' Remix 2019 featuring Ábalos." The official United Left account on Twitter made fun of a PSOE tweet a couple of hours earlier ... only the tweet in question no longer existed.

"The PSOE is Spain and the closest thing to the PSOE is Spain or Spain is the closest thing to the PSOE", started the deleted publication, attributed to the Minister of Public Works and Secretary of Organization of the PSOE José Luis Ábalos.

And he continued with a loa in which the word Spain was counted six times, including the hashtag , that # NowSpain that has given rise to # SpainAlways of Vox: "The PSOE is the only one that has a project for Spain," he said, " in our acronym is. The only party that has the E of Spain is the PSOE and for something will be.

A few minutes would last the publication. What has not transcended is the motive. The rocambolesco of the approach immediately gave rise to a general joke: " M. Rajoy signs as PSOE community manager ". Even the former president's own fake account came out to mock the inspiration.

However, the proliferation of Spain also gave rise to strong criticism, both among anonymous tweeters and among political rivals. "Defending Spain is not repeating the word as a possessed. Defending Spain is defending the Spanish, repealing the labor reform of the PP, regulating abusive rents, putting a tax on banking, I still?" Asked Pablo Echenique, "less patrioterismo and more patriotismo".

Whatever the reason, the PSOE tweet is no longer available. And that, as always in social networks, has only launched it directly to the trending topic . Of course, the key word was not Spain but Rajoy ...

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