The story of Emily Zamourka , 52, has all the ingredients to be a screenplay for a Hollywood movie. She, a homeless woman who sang and played the violin in the Los Angeles subway , worked her own miracle thanks to a policeman and a cell phone .

Last Thursday, a Los Angeles Police Department police officer posted a video of Emily Zamourka on her social networks with her cart with her things and her bags walking along one of the Los Angeles subway platforms.

The published tweet said: "4 million people call Los Angeles their home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices ... sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful . "

Emily Zamourka had stood in front of the agent's cell phone camera and left everyone in a daze when she played a beautiful O my expensive babbino from Puccini . In just one hour the video went viral. "The voice of an angel"; "With a voice like that, why don't you have a professional career?" . It was only necessary that someone saw it and a million people have already seen it.

Zamourka told the Los Angeles Times that when he was 24 he traveled to the United States from Russia, where he learned to play the piano and violin. The woman lived in the states of Missouri and Washington where she offered piano lessons until in 2005 her health deteriorated due to problems with her pancreas and liver, so she had to be hospitalized.

Upon recovering, Zamourka again taught music in the suburb of Glendale, in Los Angeles, where he also dedicated himself to playing the violin in the streets in exchange for some extra money. However, one night, while playing the violin in downtown Los Angeles, a person picked up the instrument and broke it . The instrument meant everything to her.

Despite receiving close to $ 400 from government assistance, Zamourka's bad luck continued. He made a living by singing and playing an electronic violin in the streets until a person pushed it when he was traveling on a bus, fracturing his wrist that left him without touching his instrument once more. The lack of money caused the woman to fall behind with the rental of her home until it was finally evicted.

"Right now I sleep in a cardboard near a parking lot , " he explained to ABC 7.

Such has been the impact of the video that what many tweeters asked has come true. According to TMZ, music producer Joel Diamond has offered him a recording contract with plans to create a "great classical / EDM record for the subway soprano."

The deal would be for a first album called Paradise that will be released with the Diamond label, Silver Blue Records. What is not yet known is whether Emily Zamourka has accepted the agreement. "Do you know why I sing in the subway? Because it sounds great . "

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