The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are asking Facebook not to encrypt its chat app messenger more than is currently the case, reports BuzzFeed News . Facebook is planning to use some form of encryption that makes it impossible for the company to see the content.

The letter, a draft of which has been reviewed by the American news site, has been signed by US Ministers Bill Barr (Justice) and Kevin McAleenan (Homeland Security), and the Home Affairs Ministers of the United Kingdom and Australia.

According to BuzzFeed, the officials point to their concerns that it will be more difficult for the authorities to combat terrorism, child pornography and interference in elections.

Facebook plans to provide its message apps with so-called end-to-end encryption as standard. This ensures that a message is sent encrypted via the company's servers. Only the sender and the recipient of the message can read the content in this way.

End-to-end encryption is already standard on WhatsApp, also from Facebook. However, the company plans to integrate the chat services of Instagram and Messenger, allowing users to send messages to each other.

The open letter is expected to be published on Thursday.