An unofficial detour that allowed users of a Huawei Mate 30 phone to install Google apps has been closed, writes Bloomberg news agency on Wednesday. Due to the US trade ban, the device may not officially contain Google apps and services.

Security researcher John Wu explained in a blog post on Tuesday how Mate 30 Pro owners could still download and install Google apps. That way people could still use the apps from YouTube and Google Maps, for example, while this is not permitted due to American sanctions.

The detour used an app called LZPlay, which allowed the installation of Google apps on Mate 30 phones. According to Bloomberg , it was an app that was simple to use and appeared simultaneously with the Mate 30.

Wu says it is "pretty clear" that Huawei knew about LZPlay and that the company allowed the app to exist. Huawei denies that in an email to Bloomberg . It is now no longer possible to use the detour, because LZPlay would have been taken offline.

Sanctions from the US

Huawei is suspected by the United States of espionage for the Chinese government, which Huawei has always denied and for which no evidence has yet been brought out.

The Google license still applies to ongoing collaborations. That is why Huawei phones that were already on the market can still use Google apps and services. The Mate 30 Pro, which is not yet available in the Netherlands, is not included.

The Mate 30 Pro can only use an open source version of Android, without the popular apps and services.

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