Smoking, unhealthy food, alcohol or your smartphone: there are enough things to get addicted. But luckily at least as many apps that help you get rid of it again.


The annual Stoptober campaign starts on 1 October and thousands of people stop smoking for 28 days. The app motivates you with practical success tips and shows what you do it for when you just don't like it anymore.

By giving the app information about your smoking behavior, the app can also calculate how much money you save by leaving a cigarette. That shows well how not only your body but also your bank account will be better off if you live completely smoke-free after Stoptober.

Download Stoptober for iOS or Android (free)

Screening time and Digital Welfare

Your iPhone or Android smartphone both have a handy built-in feature that allows you to limit your smartphone usage. With both Screen Time from iOS and Digital Welfare on Android, you can see exactly how often you use your smartphone daily and weekly and which apps demand the most time.

You can also set app limits, so that specific apps are locked when you have used them for a certain time. Handy to get rid of a social media addiction. It is also a practical means to see which apps send too many notifications and therefore constantly get you out of your concentration.

Download Digital Welfare for Android (free)

Screen time is a standard part of iOS from iOS 12

No More!

No More! makes it clear and simple to get rid of an addiction, regardless of what that is. After you have entered a goal, a timeline with milestones is compiled that you will always work towards. That starts with a day and builds up to a week, a month or sixty days.

The app is full of motivational statements and makes it clear at a glance how well you are already doing. You can also add contacts or specific websites that you can quickly reach with the app if you no longer like it.

Download No More! for Android (free)


Streaks is intended for learning bad habits (such as smoking and drinking), but also for learning good ones. The app has a clear design and contains all kinds of information. This way you can start eating healthier, brush your teeth for longer or stop drinking.

If you have chosen a goal, you can set how often the app reminds you of this and on which days of the week. By linking with the Health app on your iPhone you can exchange information between Streaks and this app.

Download Streaks for iOS (5.49 euros)