Amazon's eco smart home microphone, as it was first produced years ago, is no longer a single entity placed in the home reception hall, ordered and answered and executed, but has become the "dean" of a family of tools spread across all Around the house, and deploy higher levels of intelligence and well-being within it. This is the key message that Amazon was keen to deliver through its annual conference of devices and equipment, which was organized at its headquarters in Seattle from 24 to 26 September, and presented 15 new products, all of which are shared «sons» and «brothers» For the basic eco microphone.

Intelligence and privacy

According to the official blog of this event devices / amazon-devices-event, «Amazon» introduced a whole new range of devices centered on the expanded system of intelligent digital voice assistant «Alexa» and devices and the most important «Eco ».

According to Amazon's vice president of products and services, Dave Lemp, the company focuses on two products: the dissemination of voice-based home intelligence, and the highest level of privacy, data and information protection for individuals and families.

New products announced at the conference include:

«Eco Dot»

Eco-Dot is a small and elegant digital alarm clock with a clock that is equipped with an elegant LED display that can show the weather and temporarily operate a countdown timer.

«Eco Studio»

It is a fully audio-controlled music streaming device. Supports 3D sound and Dolby Atmos systems, with five drivers available.

Eco Pod

They are Bose active wireless noise reduction earphones that provide hands-free access to Alexa and voice commands, so you can do things like play music, get directions, and order Uber.

«Eco Show 8»

It is an update to the previous video projector, and works with a 10-inch screen, and is an alternative to the alarm clock, through which voice calls can be made during video playback.

«Echo Microphone»

Amazon's current eco-core microphones updated with a better voice, new colored canvas covers and kept the old price unchanged.

Eco Glow

It is an elegant piece designed to provide night lighting for children, which can change color and flash to music, and this device is aimed at fun and entertainment for children.


It is designed for use in bathrooms, it can withstand vapors and moisture, can provide ports for some devices, and works as a small smart speaker, does not include a camera, and responds to voice commands to provide you with news and weather.

«Eco Tires»

This device is still experimental, a pair of glasses with four speakers, and can come in the form of a ring or ring, worn for use in making short calls.

«New Aero»

It represents the next generation of Aero data routers or routers, operates with voice commands in conjunction with Eco, and allows for things like temporarily turning off Wi-Fi networks.

«Amazon oven»

It is an intelligent oven powered by the Alexa voice assistant, which is acoustically operated, and includes a microwave, fryer, and food warmer, and receives commands such as preheating, starting and stopping cooking.

Toroidal cameras

They are cameras for indoor use, ring-shaped, take pictures from all directions, and are fully acoustically controlled from within the house, and through the assistant «Alexa voice» smartphones.

The Guardian of Alexa

It is a device to issue alerts and alarm in the event of leaving the house, senses smoke leakage or break glass, and detects the steps, and issue alerts, reaching instantaneously to the owners of the house via «mobile».

Kitchen network

A small, sleek kitchen appliance that works with voice commands to show videos of cooking recipes offered by the food network, Amazon's partner, offering live cooking lessons.

Side Walk

A voice-activated device that runs Amazon's low-bandwidth wireless protocol, the long-distance distance designed to connect all IoT devices around your home, and can control things like a mailbox on the exterior fence and street lights.

Range Finch

A device whose task is to issue alerts in the event of a pet coming out of the house, or bypassing the fence of the garden and the outside yard, which is still a pilot product and is expected to be launched next year, or during the holidays of Christmas.