"Media Culture" guests on Europe 1, journalists from Europe 1 Clément Lesaffre and Numerama Julien Cadot, high-tech specialists, analyze the launch of the video game subscription service of the firm to the apple, called " Apple Arcade "


Music, series and now, video games: Apple has just launched its subscription game service, called "Apple Arcade". At the microphone of Philippe Vandel in Culture Media , on Europe 1, our journalist Clément Lesaffre and journalist Numerama Julien Cadot decrypt, Wednesday, the particularities of this new player, which arrives in an already mature market.

A different logic of the "classic" mobile game

Side features, Apple Arcade is a subscription service to 4.99 euros per month, without commitment, reserved for iPhone 6 and newer, with the latest update of the OS (the operating system). The service has "one of the largest catalogs for an output" of a platform, says Julien Cadot: no less than 70 games exclusive to Apple Arcade, much more than when a "classic" lounge console arrives in store.

" The interest of Apple Arcade will be in games that we play when we have ten minutes "

The novelty ? If the games are only available with a paid subscription to Apple Arcade, then they do not need to take out the wallet to unlock a level, costume, or other feature, a common system for mobile gaming (the "free- to-play, "free access to the game before having to pay for additional content).

Little games to the taste of "masterpieces"

But does the service have a real added value for the players? Yes, according to the two specialists. "The interest of Apple Arcade is not going to be in big games, it will be in games that we play when we have ten minutes," says Clément Lesaffre. "The little games will take two hours, but are real masterpieces", abounds Julien Cadot, who quotes for example Mini Motorways .

For now, Apple Arcade is available on iPhone before being accessible on Mac, iPad and Apple TV from Monday. Starting next week, users will be able to enjoy portability between platforms: "For example, we can start a game in the subway on iPhone before switching the game on Apple TV once home, playing with a compatible controller" explains Clément Lesaffre.

Apple Arcade, on iPhone (available), Mac, iPad, Apple TV (on 30/09), 4.99 euros per month.