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The social network wants to prevent the "manipulation" of information in favor of governmental powers. REUTERS / Kacper Pempel

According to the California firm, these suspicious accounts were linked to foreign states accused of spreading false information to manipulate public opinion.

With our correspondent in San Francisco, Eric de Salve

This time, no interference in American politics. This latest salvo of deleted accounts came from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

These fake accounts - more than 5,000 in total - orchestrated according to Twitter " an operation of misinformation targeting including Qatar and Iran ". " They amplified messages of support to the Saudi government " and spread false information about the war in Yemen. According to Twitter, these false accounts were presented as " independent journalistic organs ".

" In keeping with our handling policy on our platform, we have permanently suspended all these accounts, " said the social network.

A big household not so effective

Still under pressure since the revelation of Russian interference in the 2016 US campaign, major Californian Internet platforms continue to try to reassure. This Friday, Facebook announced the suspension of thousands of potential privacy-invading applications in the context of its investigation into the Cambridge Analytica scandal , a company close to the Republicans, which had used the private data of millions of subscribers Facebook to elect Donald Trump in 2016.

The American president also received Mark Zuckerberg in Washington on Thursday. But according to American justice, the cleaning announced by social networks is still far from effective. Russian interference would continue even now. At least that was stated in July the former special prosecutor Robert Mueller during his hearing before the Congress.