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Four questions about Area 51 on the eve of its invasion


Throughout our lives we have had to live with terrible secrets, such as why Ratoncito Pérez has not reappeared with my pasta after he turned

  • Area 51. Sex searches with aliens are triggered

Throughout our lives we have had to live with terrible secrets, such as why Ratoncito Pérez has not reappeared with my pasta after he turned 10 or why I do not get a scholarship from the secret society of The Illuminati and surrender to conspire in dark rooms dressed in cogulla instead of going to work every morning. But among all of them, mostly because of the field that the Martian B series of the 60s and the most recent and bobalic American productions have given us, we have as the impregnable mecca of secrets the Yankee military base of Area 51 .

Together with the Vatican or the birth certificate of Jordi Hurtado, Area 51 has been an iconic unsolved puzzle , especially, I fear, for those who do not trust official documents or statements. The most tense people want to know if the official headquarters of the Men In Black is truly hidden there, they have kidnapped and crucified any ET transcript, keeping the secret of time travel or one of the serrated corners of this world, which It was never an Oblate spheroid, but, as every enlightened one knows, a mere flat shelf floating in space.

For this reason, a set of equal parts of: hustlers, unemployed, treachers, and sworn followers of the Fourth Millennium , which already total more than 400,000 have decided, through an event organized by Facebook , to go to this protected area. They want to assault her with determination and finally reveal, if they do not die machine-gunned by the American military conscientious, all their secrets. If someone thinks of joining the event with some ice and they will pay to set before boarding, the appointment is next September 20 in Nevada, USA . "We will all meet at the Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry," the event organizers warn. "If we run like Naruto, we can move faster than their bullets," they add hopefully.

Everything seems, obviously, a joke of a Facebook page to increase its followers. Even so, so that the number of authentic pirates who do not understand the joke and really congregate at the gates of Area 51 is not excessive and can operate fluently and diligently in their assault, we have compiled some answers on the subject in order of relieving a few and staying home with some curiosities covered.

What is Area 51?

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake , Homey Airport , Dreamland , Paradise Ranch or Watertown Stripes , is a detachment section of the Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada, United States. As an aerodrome began to be operational in 1942 under the name of the Auxiliary Field of the Indian Springs Air Force , it was later occupied by the CIA as a test base for the Aquatone Project , consisting of the development of a strategic reconnaissance aircraft in April from 1955 .

Due to the secrecy that involved the development of the spy plane flight tests could not be carried out on regular bases. They did not comment on the fact to the press. They only responded to those who had some doubts that they were there to observe strange meteorological phenomena , and thus the abnormal and suspicious runrun began.

It is clear that since its inception Area 51 has been used not as a conventional air base, but rather with the goal of supporting the development and experimentation of new weapons systems or research projects, quite intriguing and in itself without need of alien vivisections in between. At present it is not accessible to the civilian public and much less to assailants coordinated by an event on Facebook , who intend to run towards their fences as ninjas of a manga series.

Where is Area 51 located?

The Area is a lot of Area, the base is located in Lincoln County , about 150 miles northwest of Las Vegas , within a plot of 7,543 square kilometers that can take anyone who dares to fly over to court.

What are the origins of the conspiracy?

When there is an unsolved mystery, people often blame it on a deity or the poor aliens, who have signed from various pyramids to vandalism circles in our crops. If to the ignorance we add that in his day a man named Bob Lazar declared to have worked from 1988 to 1989 as a physicist Area 51 in the study of extraterrestrial ships, and that he saw nine different flying saucers during his stay there, because we already have the pitot mounted.

And as much as the two universities from which he claims to have obtained degrees have no record of his passage there, and that even Lazar himself has not been able to show any document proving that he has worked for the US government, it doesn't matter, because a conspiranoico only needs his faith to feed his conspiranoia.

Does the CIA really have data on UFOs?

In the declassified documents of the CIA we could see sections referring to the famous UFOs, which deal with a project called Blue Book . Because the CIA noted, at the time, a considerable increase in warnings for UFO sightings after many of its spy planes began their adventures, and although it seemed an obvious case of cause and effect, they wanted to realize for sure that it was not due to anything else.

So they recorded UFO sightings, documented them and compared the locations with the flight records of non-commercial US planes. They confirmed that most of the sightings coincided with the flight patterns of military aircraft.

Of the 12,618 UFO reports that included Blue Book research, only 6% were classified as unexplainable. The reports were archived, but they are already available under the Freedom of Information Act for anyone who does not know the word of the CIA.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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