AIRCRAFT CRASH BRITTANY - A Belgian F16 military plane crashed in Morbihan during an exercise. Both pilots are alive.

A Belgian military plane type F-16 crashed Thursday morning in Morbihan, without casualties, but one of the two pilots is suspended from a high-voltage line by his parachute, announced the prefecture in a statement. "This plane took off from Florennes (Belgium) and went to the naval base of Lann-Bihoué (Morbihan)," said the prefecture. "The pilot and his co-pilot were able to eject themselves before the crash, they were both located and alive," she added.

According to the prefecture, this plane "was not armed and its loading is in the process of expertise". One of the drivers has already been supported by the onsite rescue services. The second is currently suspended from a high-voltage line by his parachute and the services of RTE, the manager of the high-voltage electricity network, are on hand to help the recovery of the military, adds the prefecture of Morbihan.

40 firefighters mobilized

A security perimeter of 500m was set up around the site of the air crash and the gendarmerie is on site to secure the area. The prefect of Morbihan triggered a crisis cell at 11:15. Forty firefighters and 20 rescue vehicles of the SDIS of Morbihan are mobilized.

"We can confirm that a F-16 two-seater who was on a training flight crashed near Lorient this morning, the two occupants managed to eject, the ejection seats worked. Defense aviation security is coming in from Belgium, "said the Belgian Defense.