Nissan sold significantly fewer cars in the EU in August than in the same month a year earlier. Only Alfa Romeo performed worse than Nissan last month, according to new figures on Wednesday from ACEA, the umbrella organization for car manufacturers in Europe.

22,800 copies of the Japanese brand were registered, a decrease of 47.3 percent.

The sales of Alfa Romeo fell by almost 61 percent to 3,180 units.

Parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also had a tough month. In total, the group registered 26.6 percent fewer vehicles.

Groupe Renault achieved a similar result. Sales of Renault itself fell by more than 38 percent to 59,265 units, but due to the good results from Dacia and Lada, the decline in the group as a whole was limited to 23.5 percent.

The declines are somewhat distorted. Due to the transition to a new test method for emissions and consumption, a month ago this month, a relatively large number of cars were registered in August 2018.