From Wednesday on, Dutch people can also choose a male voice for the Google Assistant. That makes Google known. The speech aid previously only had a Dutch female voice.

When someone uses the Google Assistant for the first time, one of the two votes will be chosen at random. The voice can still be adjusted manually.

The male voice is currently being rolled out. Google reports that it can take several hours before it is available to everyone. It is not known whose voice it is.

Google Assistant became available in Dutch for the first time last year. With the smart assistant, users can ask their phone or loudspeaker to, for example, schedule an appointment or to play music.

Companies listened with assistants

Speech assistants, such as Apple's Google Assistant and Siri, have been in the news in recent months. Tech companies called in employees to listen to fragments of voice commands. This happened without the knowledge of the users.

Google decided in August to temporarily stop transcribing these audio clips. Also recordings from European countries are temporarily no longer listened to. Later that will happen again. According to Google, processing this data is important to improve the services. For example, the virtual assistant must better recognize dialects and other languages.