Vodafone Germany announced in a press release on Tuesday that for the first time a remote train was driven using the provider's 5G technology. This allows train drivers to control a train from home in the future.

With the help of 5G the driver could remotely accelerate and slow down the train. This happened recently at a test track in Germany.

"If the network works in real life as it is on the test track, working from home can become a reality for drivers in the future," said Vodafone CEO Alexander Saul. In the first instance, the intention is that train drivers of freight trains will use the technology.

Speed ​​of 5G

5G, the successor to the 4G network, is able to send data at a speed of 500 megabits per second. This means that data can be sent so quickly that a driver can respond in time to hazards on the track. According to Vodafone, the new 5G train responds to the driver's input in less than ten milliseconds.

It will take a while before the 5G technology will actually be used to control trains. In Germany the coverage of 5G is still very limited. No 5G network is yet available in the Netherlands.

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