William Earl Moldt left the party on November 7, 1997 and never returned home in Wellington, Florida . The police initiated an investigation to resolve his disappearance but closed the case.

On August 28 , 22 years later, a Moon Circle Bay neighbor called the Florida police to inform them that he had found a car sunk in a pond. Palm Beach County agents removed the vehicle from the pond and found a skeleton, which still rested in the driver's seat. A week later, the body was identified as William E. Moldt.

The funny thing is that Moldt's sunken car was discovered by the neighbor through " a Google Earth search ," police said. The man contacted a friend of his, who has a property in front of the pond, and used his personal drone to confirm that, indeed, there was a car submerged in the water.

An image of Google Maps where the car is seen.

The Palm Beach County office told the BBC that it is presumed that Moldt lost control of his vehicle and got into the pond .

"We still cannot determine what happened," said police spokeswoman Therese Barbera . "All we know is that he disappeared from the face of the Earth, and now his body has been discovered," he added.

On the night of his disappearance, Moldt left a nightclub at 11 pm, according to a report from the National System of Missing and Unidentified Persons. The report details that Moldt, who was 40 when he disappeared, was a quiet man, who did not socialize much and who, although he did not drink alcohol frequently, had had several drinks the night of his disappearance .

The document also relates that Moldt called his girlfriend around 9:30 pm and told him that he would be home soon, but they never heard from him again. Police have reopened the case to investigate whether his death was accidental or the result of a crime .

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