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What do the worst album covers in History sound like?


As we can imagine, not every musician can count Derek Riggs and Jamie Hewlett to believe they are the official mascot of their band or with Stanley Donwood and Storm Thorgesson so that

As we can imagine, not every musician can count Derek Riggs and Jamie Hewlett to create their band's official mascot or Stanley Donwood and Storm Thorgesson to directly design the most iconic album cover of all time. No, many have to settle for a disposable camera on offer in MediaMarkt and a nephew with notions of Photoshop . And of course, what comes out comes out.

But, as we know from Beauty and the Beast and from the times our mother repeated it to us as a teenager, the important thing is inside. Deep inside. So today we will finally put sound to some of the album covers, which are already known as the worst in history, and we will notice that latent beauty that we never dared to explore for the rejection generated by a wrapper, how to say it , so horrible that we wanted to tear off the eyeballs and bring them to a boil in a bleach bleach and ammonia mixture.

Ken in "By request only" or "Nobody loves anyone like Ken loves himself"

Millie Jackson in "Back to the s_ _ i!" or "Complex intestinal transit"

Boned in "Up at the crack" or "Look how you put my neck"

The Handsome Beasts in "Beastiality" or "Farm Day Nudist School"

Vind I Seglen in "Med kjell kraghe" or "Look, I know how to use Paint"

Eilerts Jul in "Eilerts Jul" or "I also do bachelorette parties at Christmas"

José Ángel in "Mother I am a homosexual Christian" or "I could have confessed it to you in a more discreet way but I prefer to do it in a conceptual disc"

Pooh-Man in "Funky as I wanna be" or "Yes, it was I who invented the funky fucker concept"

Chumbawamba in "Anarchy" or "Once upon a time human birth"

Camela in "The Magic of Love" or "Indistinguishable Gypsies of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley"

Tino in "For the First Time" or "I eat one and count twenty"

Country Church in "Country Church" or "Inbreeding is not a sin"

Heino in "Liebe Mutter" or "What is my sex gender?"

The Faith Tones in "Jesus Use Me" or "Jesus Use Me"

Quim Barreiros in "Recebi um treat" or "Eh, but if it's Borat"

The Handless Organist in "Truly a Miracle of God" or "And now: no hands!"

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