Massive gold toilets were stolen Saturday in a palace in southern England. A work by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, worth five and a half million euros.

Scotland Yard looking for gold toilets. This is not the name of the last parody of James Bond but a real investigation in progress in the United Kingdom. Saturday, in a palace in the south of England, was stolen a strange piece ... toilets in solid gold. Seat, bowl and flush in 18ct gold have all disappeared. Estimated value of loot: five and a half million euros. The stolen latrines were the flagship work of an exhibition hosted by the palace. A creation of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, called "America".

The thieves managed, in the middle of the night, to thwart the security system of this imposing 18th century castle, the Blenheim Palace, where the toilets were exposed. Incidentally, they caused significant plumbing damage and flooding. Because the precious toilets were functional.

The creator of the WC wants to believe in robbery "Robin Hood"

"First, when I woke up (...) with the news, I thought it was a joke: who is stupid enough to steal a toilet? second that they were in gold, "reacted Maurizio Cattelan in an email addressed to the New York Times .

Already, a suspect of 66 years was arrested and placed in custody, but without the golden throne, still untraceable. British inspectors fear that it has already been melted. The artist Maurizio Cattelan says he wants to stay "positive". He hopes that these stolen toilets will serve a noble cause and that "this robbery is a kind of action inspired by Robin Hood".