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Ring Fit Adventure returns Switch to the era of Wii Fit


Nintendo is a rare company. After advancing last week a new accessory, social networks soon filled with memes. And one particularly resonates a lot with Ring

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Nintendo is a rare company. After advancing last week a new accessory, social networks soon filled with memes. And one particularly resonates a lot with Ring Fit Adventure, the sports video game behind that strange announcement.

I can't find the meme, but basically I compared Nintendo's strategy with that of its classic competitors, Microsoft and Sony. While the latter plan expensive and expensive technologies for their future consoles, Nintendo is removed from the sleeve a pilates ring and a leg strap .

It is funny and true. Nintendo is an expert in lateral thinking and that's why the Wii triumphed despite having much more outdated graphics than PS3 and Xbox 360 and that's why Switch is triumphing, because it can be portable or played on television.

Don't call it Wii Fit

Ring Fit Adventure comes to serve as an accessory to this concept. Like Nintendo Labo, with this new video game and accessory they want to rescue the concept of Wii Fit, but saving the scale.

The Ring-Con, the pilates ring , has a connector for the right Joy-Con. Only the right. The plastic ring can be tightened and stretched from the sides, where there are two pads; and with it everything is done, from handling the game menus to defeating the enemies that appear in the game. It is very flexible, but does not seem flimsy.

The left leg strap , in which the left Joy-Con is inserted, is primarily used to measure the movements of your leg. It took me a little bit to adjust it so that it did not lower me when I moved, but by squeezing it well I managed to keep it fixed about 15cm from the groin, where it should go.

Nintendo has achieved a system of recognition of movement of the whole body using the sensors of the Joy-Con and placing them in strategic places. It is surprising and says a lot about the thinking minds behind these accessories within the Japanese company.

And what are these accessories used for? To play and to exercise at the same time. This is not like the Wii Fit scale, which measured your balance and your weight and with which you did exercises like who watches yoga or pilates videos on television. Yes, there are a couple of game modes to do just this, but in Ring Fit Adventure the main thing about the game is the single player mode .

Fitness with story mode

The adventure for a player has a basic story. An evil being called Draco does bad things and you, the hero, overcome different levels with the help of a magic hoop to defeat him. I could go through the story of a Super Mario if it were not for the protagonist to move, climb stairs or shoot the stages you have to run on the site, make knee ups or use the hoop to tighten with the thighs .

This is very dense explained like this, but in the end, it is what Ring Fit Adventure is all about. After making a quick assessment of your age, your weight and measuring your strength using the Ring-Con (you squeeze it, stretch it, move it), the game asks you to choose a level of difficulty depending on how you think you are and You start to play

The representatives of Nintendo insisted that I be honest with my abilities . And no wonder: in just half an hour, I sweat like a pig and I ended up quite tired. And the day after, I had some laces. Although I exercise three times a week, I noticed the impact of the game.

Despite how tired it is, I never had a hard time. It is all designed with enough head: there are times when you move more quietly, times when you have to strive for a minute and fighting when you do more intense, but very short exercises.

You will end up sweaty, but not exhausted

It is not that you stick with anyone, it is that Ring Fit Adventure , in addition to making you move through a linear virtual scenario, has turns fighting against enemies .

They are very basic and in another video game they would be too simplistic, but when your attack depends on how well you do a yoga position, how much and quickly you tighten the hoop or the abdominals you do on the floor , you almost appreciate it being that simple in the "playable".

And it is not always worth doing the yoga exercise: each 'attack' has a shift or two reload and by noses you will have to mix them together, which on paper should help make your training more complete . Each exercise is well explained and the game makes you adopt the position before starting, so anyone can find out and it is not possible to get frustrated because the game has gone too fast.

If you think this game is short and nothing lasts, think again. It contains 20 worlds and, according to Nintendo representatives, with a half-hour session per day, it can last a minimum of 4 months . If you hit a daily beating of two hours, it will last less, of course, but good luck with the laces.

Be that as it may, all this training is aerobic , endurance. You will be somewhat stronger and more flexible if you do these exercises often enough, but you will not gain muscle mass to the beast because the Ring-Con weighs a few grams. The goal of Nintendo with this game is clear: play through exercise without crushing anyone and that from a child to a grandmother they can participate without harming themselves.

Psychologically, it is much more comforting to run faster for half a minute because you have to get that collectible object from the map than to do it because a spining coach yells at you , but surely this is more effective in the short term unless you are able to put the I play at a higher level of demand.

Nintendo always to his

If you can not play the game as such, for lack of desire or time, there are two other game modes designed to do specific exercises , selecting yourself which muscle group you want to exercise or if you want to do something more relaxing. And it is also possible to create exercise routines with these same parameters.

These modes do work more like the exercise games that were launched in the Wii era, but in general, Ring Fit Adventure is far enough away from Wii Fit to be considered something different . For example, there is a mini game of shaping clay blocks in which the lathe is driven up and down while maintaining a squat. Exhausting? Yes. Funny? As well.

The best thing about these mini-games is that they are also designed to play with friends . Although the main mode of the adventure is for a player, these mini-games can be completed one after another and compare results between a group of family or friends to see who can tighten the hoop more times in less than 20 seconds. This, for example, would be a minigame to exercise the pecs.

I insist that it is much more video game than Wii Fit was , and I think it also makes a much more advanced measurement of your exercises. Even if you can't weigh yourself, you can calculate the distance you travel or the calories you burn based on the pace you've taken in the game. For power, you can even measure your pulse using the infrared camera of the right Joy-Con .

And, here already entering a more personal field, it seems a more fun concept . Although you are exercising, the game all the time tries to make you believe that it is not the case, which can help those more reluctant to go jogging in the street or go to the gym to do weights. Getting coins, killing monsters and saving the world is more attractive.

I am not sure that this product can have the same success that Wii Fit had in its day because the Switch phenomenon is very different from that of Wii in its day. The type of player he attracts is different. However, and as I said above, Nintendo usually gets away with it when it makes oddities.

Those who expected that Nintendo announced in 2019 a 'Pro' console with more power, they may feel somewhat disappointed with this product. However, they should already know that Nintendo makes products for the whole family and that they try to reach that concept with accessories and games like Ring Fit Adventure . And they usually get it.

Ring Fit Adventure will be available on October 18 and can only be played with the classic Nintendo Switch (not the Lite).

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