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MasterChef Celebrity 4 started on Wednesday, September 11 in La 1 and one of the great protagonists of the night also ended up being the first expelled. Ana Obregón began with a good footing in the kitchens, but after some friction and criticism of the judges she had to hang her apron.

The program started with a false casting that the biologist was almost late with Tamara Falcó . "We never take the subway again," he said. After getting the jury's approval, the actress revealed to her classmates that her plate, " mullet and the seven ", had been prepared by her sister.

During the first test the contestants met with mysterious boxes and received the visit of Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Saúl Craviotto , previous winners of MasterChef Celebrity . The challenge was to prepare a preparation with vegetables and Ana Obregón came out very well. Jordi Cruz praised her work and made the participant excited to remember her son's illness.

Rubbing in the team test

The protagonist of Ana and the seven was the second best valued, behind Juan Avellaneda , and the two became the captains in the team event. This happened in the fortress of Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona), where they had to prepare a menu of Jordi Cruz .

The presenter had several frictions with one of the members of her group, Vicky Martín Berrocal , who accused her of doing nothing: "Where is the captain? Look at her, she turns around. Little girl, do something!" The response of the Madrid was "quiet", but the designer could not contain: "Let's see, Ana , please, you have to do something yourself , do not tell me quiet." At one of the most tense moments of the night, the Sevillian, visibly altered, removed her captain from the place where she was preparing tomatoes.

The Obregón team was the loser of the test and she received criticism from both her classmates and the judges. When Samantha Vallejo-Nágera said she did not see her very worried, the actress laughed: "Not at all, it does not take my sleep, honestly not."

The elimination test

In the last challenge of the night the contestants who played their stay in the contest had to face a blind tasting to choose their ingredients, which they would have to integrate into their creation. Vicky Martín Berrocal and Elena Furiase wore black aprons but they were saved from the challenge, leaving Félix Gómez, Almudena Cid, Yolanda Ramos, José Miguel Antúnez and Ana Obregón on the tightrope.

The one who was the presenter of What We Bet? He prepared a tuna and with the chocolate that had touched him he tried to write the name of the contest in which he was participating. "Here he puts 'Merry Christmas' as a minimum," Jordi Cruz said during his assessment.

After the bad reviews received by the judge, the contestant dared to comment that she had tried dishes prepared by him that were horrible .

At the end of the test José Miguel Antúnez was saved and Ana Obregón was expelled . The contestant said: "I debuted phenomenally in the first test, I stayed the second and now the last one. It makes me very sad. But on the other hand I am not sad, because I think it is my fault . I accepted this program at a time when it came from a very complicated year. " The actress explained that her son's treatment had taken her busy: "I come from never cooking anything. I would have liked to have time, like others, to prepare myself."

Before leaving, he said his winner would be between Ana Milan and Almudena Cid . After this Vicky Martín Berrocal added: "I agree with you, even if it's the only thing." In his farewell Marta Torné shouted: "Goodbye, memories to Spielberg ".

The funniest moments

The first installment of MasterChef Celebrity 4 left other highlights when humor reigned. During the first challenge of the night Los Chunguitos made everyone laugh, especially Juan Salazar when he presented his salad, called "life." Tamara Falcó tested it and said there was dirt on the plate: "It's full of life."

"You have taken your bunch of spinach, with its string and everything, raw, unwashed, you have put it in the bowl and in five minutes you are finished," Pepe Rodríguez snapped. For his part Jordi Cruz said: "I have never seen anyone with a level as low as yours." The singer replied: "You won't even see it."

Yolanda Ramos starred in one of the most comic presentation videos. In it he appeared preparing a dish with his daughter and his cat, with disastrous results.

The actress dared to remember her imitation of Ana Obregón in Homo Zapping , at the request of Pepe Rodríguez . It seems that Madrid did not feel particularly good: "That imitate me means you're up."

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