The iPhone 11 seems to be fantastic phones, better than their immediate predecessors and with updated cameras, something that Apple phones needed. And it is normal for them to be the topic of conversation after yesterday's event.

However, we must also pay close attention to the first two announcements made by Apple yesterday: Apple Arcade and AppleTV + , which despite being already known and having been announced in a previous event, now have a final price: 5 euros per month. And if you buy an iPhone or iPad or a Mac, a year free of Apple TV +.

In contrast to the price of the iPhone, which are usually somewhat higher than their direct competition (although the iPhone 11 breaks that rule a bit); The video game subscription service and Apple series and movie streaming service is much cheaper than what Netflix, HBO or Disney + , its main competitors, offer.

In contrast, Netflix costs between 7 and 15 euros per month, HBO asks for 7 euros per month and Disney +, in the absence of an official confirmation of its price in euros, will cost $ 7 per month. And if we talk about video game platforms by subscription, PlayStation Now costs 14.99 euros per month and Xbox Game Pass is 9.99 euros per month.

The game problem

In the case of Apple Arcade and its competition, we must take into account the great difference that the platform makes . There are not the same video games in video consoles as in mobile phones, the latter being shorter and passenger than those played on television and sitting on the couch for hours.

Here the price is so low, because 4.99 euros is what a single video game can cost in the AppStore , Apple ensures that, at a minimum, its service will be tempting for those who play video games on mobile.

The problem in this case will be in the catalog. Since Apple will not produce video games , but rather they are developed by third parties (exclusively, in some cases), they will not have such direct control over their quality.

And to this we must add that many large companies will not want their video games to be part of this service . This also happens in PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass: paying or not, you will have to make an extra outlay for certain games that are almost always very popular.

But perhaps the most complicated is to compete with free games . Although the vast majority require going through the micropayments ring, when there are video games like Fortnite among the free games catalog, Apple Arcade can run into an ironic problem: that users are simply satisfied with Candy Crush and similar large free games quality that is already in the AppStore.

Fighting the greats

With AppleTV +, the story is different. Apple plays with a clear disadvantage because it comes several years late to compete with Netflix and HBO, and while Disney + will be a contemporary enemy, the catalog of this service will be loaded to the eyebrows of series, movies and content already published by Disney

AppleTV + starts from scratch, with only a handful of its own series and documentaries and third-party films, available on November 1, which is the day when it is launched worldwide (that includes Spain).

The series "The Morning Show", "Dickinson", "See", "For All Mankind" and "The Elephant Queen" will be available with three chapters and will launch a new one every week, HBO style and not Netflix style, That throws everything at once. However, this could change, because Apple itself has warned that some series could be launched in block.

We do not know if they will be good or bad, because that will depend a lot on people's taste; but two things are clear: they are less series than the competition has, but surely all those who buy an Apple device this year will see them yes or yes. They have them for free, after all, and with the highest quality.

Surely Apple will use the latter as an argument: watching Netflix in 4K and with HDR costs 15 euros a month , but doing so with Apple TV + will cost two-thirds less.

But let's be optimistic

Apple already has experience arriving a little late, but doing things right in this subscription services. Apple Music has gone very well , being currently the only serious competitor that Spotify has. Apple News +, launched this year, is still a mystery in terms of its implementation and success.

Can they reach a good user base and grow AppleTV + and Apple Arcade thanks to the simple fact of being on Apple devices? Of course, it is something that will serve as an initial push , but it is too early to know for sure.

Apple has gotten into two industries in which it not only has competitors at the height but they are also businesses in which nothing ends up being very clear ever. But we talk about Apple, which can inject $ 1 billion into series for its platform and has begun to turn its ship: the iPhone will sell less over time, so they are already creating services whose popularity keeps them on the crest of the wave.

And all the big content streaming companies end up reaching big agreements with other companies, telecommunications or hardware, so that their products are included in the devices. Netflix has relied on LG as much as HBO on Samsung (they had the app a year exclusively), but here Apple plays the trick of doing the service and the pot .

Handling the product at those two levels and putting an attractive price seems like a combination that can hurt. Yes, the iPhone does not have an 'attractive' price for many people, but it is undeniable that Apple's tactic of putting a low price on Apple Arcade and AppleTV + goes in that direction.

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