Users of Android apps may in the future be given the option to leave a review consisting of a review text and star rating in the Play Store without leaving the app in question. The system that makes it possible to leave an app review from within the apps themselves has been reviewed by 9to5Google .

The possibility means that users no longer have to go to the Play Store to post a review. Instead, they can place a review in the Play Store directly through a pop-up window in the app.

If Android users want to leave a review for one of the apps they use, they must leave the app at this time. The Play Store is then opened, where the number of stars and possibly an extra text can be entered.

The advantage of assessments within the app is primarily ease of use. By omitting a few extra steps, users are more likely to leave a review. This is useful for application developers because more reviews give a better idea of ​​what users think of the app. This information can then be used by app developers to adjust their apps to user requirements.

It is not yet clear whether the option to leave Play Store reviews in the app will actually become available, and if so, when that would happen.