Under the leadership of the United States, 281 internet scammers were arrested after months of operation, particularly in Nigeria. People are suspected of having taken money on a large scale through misleading e-mails.

167 arrests were made in Nigeria, while 18 were arrested in Turkey and 15 were arrested in Ghana. Suspects have also been arrested in the US, Europe and Malaysia. In addition, $ 3.7 million (€ 3.35 million) has been seized.

The people arrested are suspected of approaching companies and people and robbing them of money, for example by posing as a colleague or business partner. They try to convince the victim to transfer money to the criminal's bank account, for example with a fake invoice.

According to the US authorities, the criminals have attempted a total of $ 91 million in scams. To accomplish that, they would have adopted more than 250,000 false identities. How much money has actually been captured is unclear.