Under the leadership of the United States, 281 internet scammers were arrested after months of operation, particularly in Nigeria. People are suspected of having taken money on a large scale through misleading e-mails.

167 arrests were made in Nigeria, eighteen in Turkey, fifteen in Ghana and twelve in the US. Suspects have also been arrested in the US, Europe and Malaysia. In addition, $ 3.7 million (€ 3.35 million) has been seized.

The people arrested are suspected of approaching companies and people and robbing them of money, for example by posing as a colleague or business partner. They try to convince the victim to transfer money to the criminal's bank account, for example with a fake invoice.

According to the US authorities, the criminals have attempted a total of $ 91 million in scams. To accomplish that, they would have adopted more than 250,000 false identities. How much money has actually been captured is unclear.

In August the US already accused a network of eighty mainly Nigerian internet scammers. They would have earned tens of millions of dollars with the same scam.