A young Santander girl with cerebral palsy has denounced, through a video posted on her blog Sincemisilla in which she tells her experiences, that several drivers of the Santander Urban Transport Service (TUS) have denied her access to the bus with the adapted motorcycle that you use to scroll.

Lola González-Pinto , who is 16 years old , recounts in her video the "problems" that "many" TUS drivers have put in order to access buses because, they say, "the motorcycle is not a wheelchair" . "Some even leave directly without giving me any explanation or anything," he says.

Although it indicates that he has already experienced this situation on several occasions, the minor has now posted a video for what happened to him on the last occasion, when a driver has even "got angry" for requesting access with his adapted motorcycle and, for not allow him access, "he told me that the ramp was broken and gone."

"It seems horrible to me that he leaves me lying," emphasizes Lola González-Pinto in her video, which has already gone viral on social networks and in which she also recounts another situation that happened a long time ago when her friends got on a bus and the driver did not let her get on.

The young woman tagged in her video the mayor of Santander , Gema Igual , who has indicated in statements to the press that she has contacted the girl she has asked for "forgiveness" for the situations she has had to live, more when drivers have a manual to follow in terms of helping and facilitating access to vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

However, given the situation experienced by Lola and which she has also learned about social networks, the councilor said that from the City Council has asked all drivers more "sensitivity" with people with reduced mobility and even is trying to locate the specific driver who denied access to the young woman to give her explanation of what happened, although it will be "complicated" because the child "does not know the exact time."

After knowing the case through the video, Igual has reported that he got the phone of the girl and her mother and "I decided to call her." "I told him that I was very sorry, that that should not happen, that a teenager does not have to do in the situation that her friends get on the bus and she is left alone," said the mayor.

The municipal councilor has also advanced that she has met with Lola González-Pinto next week "to meet us and talk", although she added that "not everyone who has a problem in the city I will receive in the office, but it seems to me that because of her age and the circumstances she has lived in a public service and that should not have occurred, I will know her. "

The same has already moved the young woman who "will ensure that it does not happen again" that neither she nor any person with reduced mobility are in a situation that does not allow them to get on the bus because, although "a mayor cannot be responsible of everything that happens on the street, I do have to give guidelines to be responsible for the things that happen. "

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