Apple will present the new iPhones during the By innovation only event on Tuesday evening. It is unknown what Apple is announcing, but this is what we expect.

The event in September is organized annually. Usually the newest iPhones are presented.

This year too, Apple is likely to present three new iPhone models. The devices are the successors of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

New functionalities for iPhone

The appearance of the new iPhones is probably almost identical to that of the penultimate models. The biggest difference is a matte glass back instead of a glossy one.

In addition, the successor to the XR would get a dark green variant and the word "iPhone" would no longer be on the back of the phone. The new models should also be more resistant to drops and bumps and the watertightness should be improved.

Successor will probably receive a triple camera

The successors of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are expected to receive a triple camera. One of the cameras is said to be a wide-angle lens, which gives the user a wider range of photos. All three cameras take a photo at the same time, which could be optimized with software to become the best photo. The phones would also get an improved video function.

Unlike the successor to the XS and the XS Max, the successor to the XR will probably not have three, but two cameras. That is an improvement on the current XR, which has only one camera.

Devices get an oled screen and work with 3D touch

Furthermore, the new iPhones are expected to receive the same OLED screen that Samsung uses for the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. The screens in the iPhones will no longer work with 3D touch, a feature that Apple introduced with the iPhone 6S. Instead, the group opted for Haptic Touch, just like the iPhone XR. Haptic Touch has a functionality similar to 3D touch and responds to a long-lasting touch of the screen instead of how hard the screen is pressed.

Rumors also make unlocking the iPhone easier. The new phones have a better face recognition sensor that can recognize your face from multiple angles.

The new phones will have an improved processor and will therefore be faster. 5G support seems unlikely, as Apple has announced it will realize this in 2021.

Earlier this year the rumor spread that the latest iPhones also support Apple Pencil, but it is still unclear whether this is correct.

Two new iPads

Although new iPads are often presented a month later during a separate event, it is unclear whether such an event will also take place this year. The new iPads may already be presented in September.

It is expected that the new iPad Pro will also have a triple camera. The new iPad Pro would also be faster than the predecessor due to better processors.

The new entry-level model of the iPad would have a screen of 10.2 inches. With that, Apple would say goodbye to models with a screen of 9.7 inches.

AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple HomePod

Updates for the AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Home may also be announced at the September event.

New, more expensive AirPods may be presented that are watertight and must offer noise reduction. With the new iPhone, the AirPods could also be charged by placing them in the case on the back of the iPhone.

For the Apple Watch, changes in software are expected in particular. We may also receive versions of titanium and ceramics. Earlier this year instructions for this were found in the software.

Apple would continue to work on a cheaper version of Apple HomePod, the company's home assistant.

MacBook Pro and Mac Pro

Earlier there were rumors that Apple is working on a new MacBook Pro, which would be presented without setbacks in September. Reportedly, the new model gets a screen of 16 inches instead of the usual 15 inch. The edges around the screen would become narrower, so that the new MacBook Pro would have similar dimensions to the penultimate version.

Apple may also announce the improved Mac Pro, as well as the new Apple Pro Display. For the Mac Pro - just like for the iPads and the MacBook - this model can also be presented at an event in October.

Given the course of previous years, software updates are expected a few days after the event. The iPhones will probably, just like in previous years, go on sale a few weeks after the presentation.

The event will be held on Tuesday, September 10 at 7 p.m. Dutch time and can be followed online via a stream on the Apple website.

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