• Apple boss Tim Cook introduces the new iPhones in Cupertino. The livestream is here, mediocre nerd sayings about Apple (too expensive, no one needs, without Steve Jobs Apple is lost) but read only in the live blog below. Or stop in the comments.
  • What's new? It is expected that Apple again presents three devices - like a year ago, the iPhones XR, XS and XS Max. The new smartphones are probably called iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • The most important possible innovations, the US economic portal "Bloomberg" has put together: The devices should have, inter alia, a better camera, faster by face scan can be unlocked and even waterproof.
  • Externally, the phones should differ mainly by another camera in the two Pro models of their predecessors. Therefore, now on the back top left, a large black square with three lenses installed.
  • Apart from the iPhones also updated iPads and a new version of the Apple Watch could be presented. Also, a new MacBook Pro could be there.

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18:04 September 10, 2019

Hannes Schrader

About the next iPhone - which will be published in 2020 - is also speculation by the way: The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (see previous post) reported that the iPhone 2020 probably will support the faster network standard 5G It could also from the current Lightning port on the switch from USB C port used by many current devices. In addition, it should have a fingerprint scanner under the display and a new design - which means that the screen notch on the top of the display will disappear. So if you find the iPhones boring, which will be presented later: Next year will (probably) be a big deal for the iPhone.

    18:04 September 10, 2019

    Hannes Schrader

    Incidentally, the final stage of any Apple Rumble coffee grounds reading is the analysis of the invitations Apple sends to the events . No, that's no joke. In 2008, Apple invited with the line "there's something in the air" ("There is something in the air"). The product presented there was a very light and thin notebook for the time being: the first MacBook Air. This year it is speculated that the colors of the Apple logo on the invitation (green, blue, yellow, red, purple) the colors of the new iPhone 11 R are. You think that's silly and exaggerated? You're right. But the rumgerate makes fun too.

      18:02 September 10, 2019

      Hannes Schrader

      It's just under an hour to Apple's keynote. That's enough time for a glimpse into the Apple rumor mill. Almost everything is known about the new iPhones . You wonder how that can be?

      So: Before the new iPhone appears, it must already be produced millions of times, packaged and stored. This is preceded by phases of prototyping - because the factories in which the parts are to be produced for the iPhone must, of course, be prepared for this: they print and fold packaging, produce displays, sensors, rechargeable batteries, and mill housings made of aluminum or steel.

      Sometimes certain details come to the public , so-called hardware leaks. This refers to leaks through which information comes. Such places in the production chain often cause photos to appear on certain parts, such as the display, from which one can conclude device sizes. Or sensors whose position and size suggest that a future iPhone will still have the small display notch that the current generation possesses. Or, as with the iPhone 11, parts of the camera leak. Also, the colors that are speculated for the iPhone 11 R may have been known for months - there are photos of glass parts in these colors.

      It is unclear when Apple will finalize an iPhone design - but there are estimates that it will be clear in about a year in advance how the device will look and what it will do. That would mean the iPhone, which will be released in 2020, is already finished - and a lot can happen in a year. And a lot to be published in advance.

      For some years now, a few months before the release of the new iPhone, dummies are also appearing - devices that look like real iPhones, but do not work. The dummies are intended for manufacturers of protective films and cases, so that they can be adapted and designed accordingly - however, well-known creators get them leaked for several years.

      For leaks apart from the hardcore Apple fans, for example, analysts who observe the tech industry and advise investors are interested. They want to know before everyone else whether the next iPhone will be a hit to earn money with it. The iPhone is, at least for now, the main source of Apple's profit - who knows if the next iPhone will be a success can speculate. One of the most reliable sources for Apple Leaks is Ming-Chi Kuo, who works as an analyst for broker TF International Secruities. Kuo is very well networked along the production chain. He writes reports that are widely reported in the Apple scene. Little is known about Kuo himself - he does not give interviews.

      The other main cooks in the rumor mill are journalists and Apple bloggers. The most famous of them is Mark Gurman. Even as a teenager, he wrote about Apple's language assistant Siri, even before Apple had brought out. He started writing for the Apple blog 9to5 Mac . Meanwhile, he works for the US business portal Bloomberg and publishes there regularly his predictions and assessments. Of course, Gurman does not speak publicly about where he got his information from. He will probably also be networked in the production chain and possibly have sources within the company.

      For some hardware predictions, but it does not need people who pass anything - sometimes you will find in the software: In 2017, the programmer Steven Troughton-Smith and the blogger Guilherme Rambo found in the code for the new iOS graphics, the iPhone X. - the shape of the iPhone, only without a home button and the familiar screen notch. That was a few weeks before the iPhone X came on the market. Last year, a blogger for 9to5 Mac found marketing graphics on Apple's servers showing the new Apple Watch and the iPhone XS - someone probably accidentally put them online.

      Another point of contact for future products is the US Patent Office - with Apple filing a large number of patents that do not necessarily say anything about a product that will be released in the coming year. Even the national US communications agency FEC, which checks all mobile devices that are to be launched in the US, sometimes drops pictures of new, unpublished devices.

      These are just a few examples - in the Apple rumor mill there are almost weekly bits of information that are subsequently spread and discussed on sites such as 9to5 Mac, MacRumors or AppleInsider. Resourceful developers usually share their finds on Twitter - their findings then quickly spread in the scene. Incidentally, the most spectacular leak was probably the iPhone 4: an Apple employee forgot a finished and fully functional device a few weeks before Apple's keynote in a bar.