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  • Everything we know about the iPhone 11 before its presentation

Apple today announces in its press event the new iPhone 11 , which will surely be accompanied by an updated version of the iPhone XR and also the Apple Watch, its smartwatch.

The Apple event has generated a lot of expectation, perhaps a little more than normal for one of its keynote, for the leaks around the new three iPhone , which at the moment have been baptized as iPhone 11.

Last week we learned that Apple will put a lot of emphasis on the technology of its cameras: it will have three lenses, with a new way to take photos in low brightness, with improved video recording mode ...

In PIXEL we will tell you the minute and result of the Apple keynote from 19:00 , Spanish time; but in the case that you want to follow it in video as well as in text, you can do it through the official website of the company.

For years now, it is possible to stream Apple's press conference and, although a company device was needed to view them, it is now accessible through the official website, YouTube and even social networks such as Twitter, from where it is issued from the official account.

Now, you will need a rather high level of English to continue knowing everything about the iPhone 11, because there is still no simultaneous translation and the news is happening quickly.

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