• Apple presents the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max: that's how we live it

Three new iPhone , an iPad with a larger screen, a new Apple Watch that is always on and the promise of a future full of services. That is the balance of the most important event of Apple, the appointment at the Steve Jobs Theater in which every September the company announces the news of its most famous product.

This year there are surprises, as always, but also some absences and rumors that have not finally been fulfilled. As expected, the three iPhone released last year will be renewed this year.

The successor of the iPhone XR will be known as iPhone 11 and will be available in six colors. Its main feature is that it will have two cameras, one of them wide angle. The portrait mode can also be used on objects and pets, not only on human faces as previously offered by the XR. Apple has lowered the price of its main phone for the first time, in addition. The iPhone 11 will start at $ 699 in the US without taxes, 50 euros less than what its predecessor cost. In Europe it will cost 809 euros .

The successors of the current iPhone XS and XS Max will be known as iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max . They will have 5.8 and 6.5 inches of screen, with a new OLED panel with a much higher brightness and a higher level of contrast but its distinctive feature is that they will have three cameras on the back, all 12 megapixels.

To the 26 mm chamber. and 52 mm. that already had the previous models now adds a wide angle equivalent to a 13 mm. in traditional photography. Apple will use information from all sensors to get more detailed images. A new night mode will also be activated automatically to shoot in low light situations, one of the fields in which Apple's camera was limping in front of the offers of its rivals. The iPhone 11 Pro will cost 1,159 euros and 1159 euros and will be available on September 20 .

All phones will have a new processor, the Bionic A13 , which promises to be the most advanced in the industry in both pure processing capacity and graphic processing. The chip will have 8,500 million transistors and areas dedicated exclusively to the processing of machine learning applications and routines. It will be more efficient than its predecessors, allowing to extend the autonomy of the devices one hour in the case of the iPhone 11 and 4 and 5 hours in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro. Finally these phones will not have the rumored reverse charge function, one of the rumors that circulated in recent months and that would have allowed charging other phones or AirPods headphones simply by letting them rest on the back of the device.

Unfavorable situation

The drop in the price of the iPhone 11 is explained by how complex the market has become for its flagship product (the iPhone is responsible for more than half of its company's annual revenue). Apple faces a market that has lost dynamism worldwide. Global smartphone sales in 2018 according to Strategy Analytics consultancy fell almost 5% compared to 2017. Within this fall, high-end mobile phones have been particularly affected, due to the greater competition of Chinese brands that focus in the middle and low range. The commercial tension between China and the US, the long life of the products - each time we renew the phone less frequently - and the high price of the dollar have not helped the company either.

Apple has managed to maintain the level of income in its accounts in recent years, but at the cost of increasing the average sale price of each device and changing its business strategy to focus on services such as Apple Music or the new Apple Arcade and Apple TV + as new growth engines. The company has stopped reporting quarterly the sales figures of its different products but all analysts point out that the iPhone could have sold 218 million units in 2018, an amount almost equal to that sold in 2017.

Services at an aggressive price

If services are Apple's new bet, Apple TV + will undoubtedly be the new jewel in the crown. It is a streaming service announced last March that will rival HBO or Netflix by offering series and films produced by Apple itself in collaboration with great Hollywood directors and actors.

The series with which the service will be released include For All Mankind, an alternative historical drama focused on a space race, Dickinson and The Morning Show, which features Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell or Reese Witherspoon in the cast. Another big bet will be See, a series starring Jason Momoa

AppleTV + will launch on November 1 at a price of 4.99 euros per month . But when buying a new Apple device this year, the company will include a free year.

Although AppleTV + is the company's most ambitious service, if only for the amount of money it will have to invest in the coming years to create a unique and exclusive catalog, Apple Arcade could be the service with the greatest impact on the market.

Announced last March, it is a monthly subscription to a catalog of exclusive games created by third-party companies that can be enjoyed on both iOS devices (including Apple TV) and Mac computers. The catalog is renewed every month and titles will be available only for company platforms. Among the studies that Apple has achieved for the first games are Konami or Capcom.

All games are selected by Apple, which collaborates with the independent developments in the creation, and they lack many of the vices that have ruined the experience of the games in the AppStore such as the purchases of lives, time or new phases within the games or the subscriptions.

Apple Arcade will be available from September 19 for 4.99 euros per month and the initial catalog will have more than 100 titles.

An Apple Watch that doesn't stop and a bigger iPad

In addition to the iPhone, Apple took advantage of the event to renew two hardware products.

The first is the Apple Watch. There are few external changes in this year's model, which following tradition will be known as Apple Watch Series 5 . Its main novelty is inside. A new screen technology will allow the Apple Watch to always be on with the same autonomy as the current Apple Watch, which will turn off when the user is not looking directly at the dial. It will also be available in new finishes such as titanium or ceramic.

This device has become an important link between Apple and the health market. The company concluded this year one of the largest cardiac studies with Stanford University and will begin new studies in the US this year. about noise, menstrual cycle or heart rate and activity. Participation in these studies will be voluntary and participants can select the level of privacy.

Apple Watch Series 5 will be available on September 20 at a price of 449 euros for the basic model.

The second is the iPad. With new services on the horizon Apple needs to put devices in the hands of many more people to increase the potential audience and one of the best ways to achieve this will be a new tablet - the seventh generation - that will have 10.2 inches of screen . This new iPad will be compatible with a case with keyboard and the first-generation Apple Pencil and will go on sale on September 20 for 379 euros.

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