The French eat 820 million pizzas a year, that is to say more than the Italians! Tomorrow, a machine could change the way we make pizza ... NASA gave $ 125,000 to a start-up to create a 3D printer capable of making pizzas!

There are things you should not touch for Jean-Pierre Montanay and pizza is one of them! The chronicler of Europe 1, revolted by the invention of a 3D printer to make pizzas, tells us in his chronicle, "Waiting for tomorrow", the operation of this machine but also the invention of this dish became popular in the whole world. The French eat 820 million pizzas every year!

"It will land in the next years in restaurants, then in our kitchens, alongside the food processor: the 3D pizza printer! No, you're not dreaming! At the origin of this discovery, NASA, which has Given $ 125,000 in 2013 to a start-up to develop a 3-dimensional pizza to feed the astronauts in their spaceship Amazon does not deliver yet in the stars!

So for me, the layman, the 3D printer is a major innovation, incredible, a machine to work miracles: make artificial skin for burn victims, human tissue, reproduce prostheses, reproduce also, at low cost, houses ... But what is the point of making a pizza in 3D? This revolution dismays me, we must save the true Margherita! "

The chronicler seems well reassembled! But why ?

"Because here, progress is sacrilege, we do not touch the pizza!" Born in 997, more than a millennium ago, near Naples, it is a disk of dough that fishermen cover with tomatoes , cheese, vegetables ... In the luggage of Italian migrants in the late nineteenth century, this totem will conquer America and the whole world.

Pizza has no boundaries, no religion. 3D is also an insult to a unique know-how, that of the pizza maker who transforms this ball of dough, lifted into an elastic disc, garnishes it and then seizes it in an oven at nearly 300 degrees.

But, by the way, how does this machine work?

"You have to give the dough to the machine, as you would give it plastic, and then you can do it yourself." Layer by layer, using a syringe, she puts on a pizza. dough, then the filling then the cheese.The designers even work on a laser that could replace the oven for leather.

According to them, we can save time and we can customize our pizza: make a 4-cheese heart-shaped for example. What they are careful not to say is that the printer is unable to fill our pizzas of tomorrow hi-tech with anchovies and even sprinkle with oregano. Yes, the Neapolitan pizza maker is not yet on the carpet! "