The Huawei Mate 30 appears with Android, but without pre-installed Google apps, including the Play Store, confirms Huawei chief Richard Yu on Sunday at the tech fair IFA in Berlin.

Huawei has opted for a version of Android that is open source and therefore free to use, and not the version in which Google apps such as the Play Store and Google Maps are already installed.

The Chinese company is not allowed to use software from US companies due to trade restrictions imposed by the United States. The US accuses Huawei of facilitating espionage for the Chinese government.

As a result, the Chinese company has been blacklisted, preventing US companies, including Google, from doing business with the company. The American tech giant is the manager of the Android operating system and supplies the app store Play Store for Android smartphones.

Huawei is now investigating whether users can install Google apps themselves after purchasing the Mate 30. In addition, the company is investigating the possibility of supplying the smartphone with alternative third-party apps.

The Mate 30 will be presented in Munich on September 19.