The big iPhone leak that Google brought out last week was "not a broad mass hack" but "closely focused" on the Uighur community, Apple writes in a press release. The company says that Google has left a "wrong impression" of mass espionage.

Google announced a week ago that an unknown group of hackers was able to install malware on iPhones via malicious websites. Apple states that it is true, but that these hackers were only active for two months, not two years.

Moreover, they would only have targeted smartphones in the hands of Uighurs. A part of this Muslim minority has united in groups that pursue separation from China. According to independent research, China would certainly hold 1.5 million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in detention camps.

Apple therefore believes that Google is trying to "frighten" iPhone users, the company writes. "We already solved these weaknesses in February."

Google researchers found the leak earlier this year. This is a collection of vulnerabilities, including so-called 'zero days' that were not yet known to the maker, which made it possible to view app messages and emails on many iPhone models, from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X.