After several decades denying its existence as active and passive, in August 2013 the US government finally recognized what until then had been only an open secret: the existence of Area 51 . The mysterious military base lost in the Nevada desert in which the CIA has been conducting all kinds of tests classified as " Top Secret " since the mid-50s.

It is precisely that halo of secrecy that has turned Area 51 into one of the world epicenters of conspiracy and UFO phenomena. So much so that next September 20, two million people are planning to invade what they consider to be the largest detention center for aliens on the planet in search of answers.

Those are, at least, those that have already signed up, via Facebook , to the Assault Area 51 event, they cannot stop us all with the intention of overcoming the security perimeter of the Nellis Air Force installation. A maneuver that they know perfectly well that it can end up coming out very expensive, since if something abounds on the way to this detachment they are posters that remind the curious that "the military is allowed the use of deadly force" to end any intruder who dares to sneak on the premmises.

Warnings recently added by the spokeswoman for the US military corps, Laura McAndrews , reminding those who plan to enter Area 51 that the authorities are prepared to act against those who try to "enter an area where we train the Armed Forces ".

UFO Fever

There are many unknowns about whether or not they will dare to coordinate a massive entrance, the truth is that in the town of Rachel - the closest to Area 51 - there are no rooms available for the dates that go from September 19 to 22.

In addition to having finished with the hotel offer throughout the area and with a good part of the merchandising of the famous base, the imminent invasion of Area 51 is also causing an unexpected increase in the number of searches related to sex with aliens in the main portals pornographic

This is reflected in the latest report published by the Pornhub erotic content website. According to this, the number of searches for alien porn has been skyrocketing since July. Month in which there was an increase of 217% on day 2 and 199% on day 15. Date, the latter, in which searches for 'Area 51' went from 0 to 160,000.

Sex with aliens, the erotic fantasy of summer 2019

Some of the most repeated searches since announcing the intention of more than two million people to invade this supposed alien prison are " alien fertilization ", "alien sex", "alien hentai", "alien 3D", "alien females" , "alien girls", "sexy aliens", "alien dildos", "alien pups", "alien pussies" or "pregnant aliens".

Among other interesting facts, Pornhub's records indicate that women perform 33% more searches related to aliens than men. Also, it is the youngest - specifically those between the ages of 18 and 24 - who are most interested in this pornographic material or as the age increases, interest in this type of content decreases.

By countries, the ones that make the most searches for alien porn are the Czechs . Of course, followed closely by the Argentines . According to this same report to the Spaniards we do not get much cinema X starring aliens. We are the sixth least searches of this type. It seems that the consumer of national porn is clear: when it comes to getting excited, nothing like earthly fantasies.

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