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The wait has been long, but it seems that folding phones are finally going to reach stores. Since Samsung and Huawei announced their flexible phones last February, for one or the other, we have had to wait until September for these phones that promise to change the smartphone market are a reality.

Samsung has chosen the IFA technology fair that takes place these days in Berlin to put a new launch date that is undoubtedly the most anticipated mobile of the year of the brand. The renewed Galaxy Fold will arrive in Korean stores on September 6 at a price of $ 1,980 .

Starting next Wednesday, September 18, it will be available in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, while 5G models will only be available in Germany and the United Kingdom. In Spain we will have to wait until October , even without a specific date, to be able to enjoy the terminal of the Korean company.

"In recent months Samsung has worked hard to perfect the new Galaxy Fold and ensure the best possible experience. Not only have we been working on the design and construction of the Galaxy Fold, but we have also taken the time to review all the experience that the consumer will have with this new product, "the company explains in a statement.

It is the second time that Samsung puts launch date to your phone, although as you can imagine on the first occasion they were not very lucky. The South Korean ceded the terminal to several international journalists and in the tests they carried out found serious flaws on the screen. As serious as in many cases the mobile was unusable.

Luckily, there were a few days left before the Galaxy Fold reached stores and Samsung understood that it was a serious crisis that required drastic measures. The company canceled the launch without a new definitive date for it. They had to make a series of arrangements.

It was in July when the general director of product Dj Koh confessed that they had made mistakes and the company issued a statement with the improvements that were being implemented on the phone, mainly on the screen and on the hinge. In addition, he assured that the mobile would be available in September.

And September has arrived. And the improvements too. The Korean confirmed that in order to avoid the problems of April an improvement has been included in the protective layer of the screen , which extends beyond the bezel so that it is clear that it is part of the structure of the panel and that it should not be removed .

To prevent the entry of external particles to the phone, Samsung has also reinforced its screen and additional metal layers have been incorporated at the bottom of the hinge to reinforce security.

The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch screen capable of folding as if it were a book on whose main cover another panel is located. As the company explains, "when it is closed, you can quickly record a video, and to watch it on a larger screen, just open it and the continuity application will transfer the video from the cover to the main screen without problems. With the Multi-Active window can run several applications at the same time in real time and perform multiple tasks effectively: edit images, view the photo gallery and read emails from friends and colleagues ".

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