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Google will pay a "record" fine of 170 million dollars (more than 154 million euros) for the accusations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York attorney general that obtained great benefits on YouTube by illegally collecting personal information from children without the explicit consent of their parents or legal guardians.

The agreement, announced Wednesday by the Prosecutor's Office, requires that Google and YouTube pay 136 million to the FTC and 34 million to the state of New York for violating the Children's Internet Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) .

This fine of 136 million is the highest that the FTC has imposed in this area since the US Congress. enacted the law in 1998.

" YouTube promoted its popularity among children to potential corporate clients, " said FTC President Joe Simons, who voted in favor of the agreement, adding that he recalled the reluctance of "the company to recognize that parts of its platform were clearly aimed at children, "so" there is no excuse for violations of the law by YouTube. "

US law requires that sites aimed at children publish their data practices and obtain parental consent to collect information about children under 13.

The administration alleges that YouTube collected personal information from "viewers of channels aimed at children" without parental consent using 'cookies', which track user behavior on the internet .

" Google and YouTube monitored, tracked and posted ads aimed at young children knowingly and illegally just to keep moving advertising money," he said in a statement after the New York attorney general's announcement, Letitia James.

YouTube said in a post this Wednesday that it is taking action: "Since its earliest days, YouTube has been a site for people over 13, but with a boom in family content and the increase in shared devices, the likelihood of children see without supervision has increased . "

In four months, YouTube added, it will restrict the collection of data in videos aimed at children to "treat the data of anyone who sees children's content on YouTube as coming from a child, regardless of the user's age."

YouTube said it will stop posting personalized ads for children and will also disable comments and notifications on those videos and recommended that parents use their separate application, YouTube Kids , to allow children under 13 to use the channel on their own.

In addition to the sanction, the agreement requires that Google and YouTube "develop, apply and maintain a system that allows channel owners to identify their content aimed at children on the YouTube platform " so YouTube can ensure that it complies with the law .

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